Name: Cui Shengyun (崔胜云)
Gender: Female
Age: 47
Address: Unknown
Occupation: Vocational school teacher

Date of Most Recent Arrest: November, 2007
Most Recent Place of Detention: Heilongjiang Women's Prison (黑龙江省女子监狱)
City: Harbin
Province: Heilongjiang
Persecution Suffered: Detention, illegal sentencing, brainwashing, torture, denial of restroom use, solitary confinement, physical constraint, sleep deprivation

( Ms. Cui Shengyun from Jiamusi City was sentenced to five years of imprisonment by the Xiangyang District Court in Jiamusi City. She has been tortured and held in Heilongjiang Women's Prison for over two years. In September 2009, policewoman Zhang Xiaojian held Ms. Cui in solitary confinement. She was once handcuffed to the ground with chains and forced to sit on the icy cold floor for ten days around the clock without sleep.

Guards from the Ninth Ward District tortured Ms. Cui, attempting to force her to renounce Falun Dafa. They cursed, insulted, and administered severe beatings when she persisted in practicing the Falun Gong exercises. The guards forced her to the ground, held her hair, then thrusted her into a wall. They didn't stop until Ms. Cui suffered a heart attack. The guards also forced her to sit on a small tool for days on end, resulting in atrophied buttock muscles. Ms. Cui was moved to the Eleventh Ward District after undergoing three months of persecution in the Ninth Ward District. The police denied her the use of a restroom throughout the day, sometimes giving different justifications. Ms. Cui was in extreme pain due to this treatment, and developed incontinence since she was not allowed to defecate. Seven months later, Ms. Cui held to her faith, so she was moved to the Sixth Ward District, where the guards used similar methods as those of the Ninth and Eleventh Ward Districts, separating her from other practitioners. She was not allowed to talk with any of the practitioners. Prison inmates were ordered to closely monitor her every action.

All practitioners in the Sixth Ward District refused to respond to the names they were called, or to wear the prison uniform. Fei Enrong, head of the ward, sought all possible means to persecute practitioners. In late September 2009, Fei Enrong spread a rumor that Ms. Cui had scratched her skin. Ms. Cui went to Wang Xiaoqiu, deputy director to clarify the truth. However, instead of punishing the head of the ward's misconduct, the Sixth Ward District head ordered guards to search the ward and confiscate Ms. Cui's personal Dafa items.

Guard Zhang Xiaojuan came to the ward at 6:15 p.m on October 21, and saw Ms. Cui sending forth righteous thoughts. She went to stop Ms. Cui, who stated, "I am doing nothing wrong by sending forth righteous thoughts. It is a lot better than making false accusations at others. Instead of punishing the false accuser, you come to stop me, a good person." Zhang Xiaojuan ordered the ward head Fei Enrong to put Ms. Cui in "physical constraint clothing" to torture her. Ms. Cui pointed to the physical constraint clothing, and said, "You are inmates and don't have the right to put these on me." Ms. Cui then pointed to Zhang Xiaojuan and said, "You are committing a crime in law enforcement." Zhang Xiaojuan said while walking outside, "I'll hold you in a solitary confinement cell." Soon after, Zhang Xiaojuan obtained a permit approved by Yan Yuhua, director of the Sixth Ward District, and Bao Rui, the deputy head of the prison. Zhang ordered Liu Ziyuan, an inmate leader, to drag Ms. Cui out of her cell. Ms. Cui shouted that Zhang Xiaojuan was a persecutor of practitioners and void of any conscience. Liu Ziyuan covered Ms. Cui's mouth. In the solitary confinement cell, Ms. Cui was forced to strip naked for inspection, while Zhang Xiaouan watched with a sinister smile.

Ms. Cui underwent severe persecution while in solitary confinement. She was handcuffed to steel rings affixed to the floor and forced to sit on the cold bare boards with only a pair of thin socks on her feet. She was not allowed to have a blanket, and restroom use was sometimes restricted to three times per day. She was fed only porridge and pickles daily. The solitary confinement cell was unheated, and ice-cold. Ms. Cui shivered from the cold, especially at night, and she suffered incredible pain. She felt even more pain during menstruation. Ms. Cui suffered terribly for ten days and nights in solitary confinement. After she came out of solitary confinement, Ms. Cui was very thin and pale, and her wrists were swollen. Because she sat on a hard and cold bare board and didn't sleep for ten days, Ms. Cui's hips and buttocks were extremely sensitive, and she couldn't touch any stools or beds, even if the bed was very soft. Her back was also in pain. Additionally, Ms. Cui suffered a heart attack and high blood pressure in the Sixth Ward District.

The second morning after Ms. Cui was held in solitary confinement, Ms. Wang Aihua's bed was also ransacked by the guards, and her Dafa articles were confiscated. Ms. Wang was forced to wear physical constraint clothing. At first, she was constrained day and night. Ms. Wang later had a heart attack due to the duration of the constraint, and she was subsequently allowed to take off the physical constraint clothing and to sleep a little at night. She was held in the constraining clothing for two weeks. Prison head Fei Enrong allowed Zhang Xiaojuan to torture Wang Aihua. Ms. Wang was persecuted severely, resulting in not even having the strength to take a bath.

Zhang Xiaojuan, a policewoman in the Sixth Ward District, has persecuted practitioners in a cruel and out of control manner, wearing a smile. Prison head Yan Yuhua and deputy head Wang Xiaoqiu encouraged the inmates to persecute practitioners by rewarding them extra points, and early release.

Contact information:

Heilongjiang Women's Prison
Zhang Xiaojuan, guard, Sixth Ward District: 86-13936236514 (Cell)
Bai, head of prison: 86-451-86639099 (Office)

Note: Liu Zhiqiang, former head of the prison was removed from the Women's Prison in Heilongjiang Province. Currently, he is concentrating on logistics at the juvenile prison of Heilongjiang Province: 86-13304514128 (Cell) 86-451-86651205 (Office)

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