(Clearwisdom.net) We were introduced to Falun Dafa in 1996 in Luzhou. Soon after, we let other people across Luzhou know about Falun Dafa. We have many amazing experiences to share; the following are just a few.

A Glowing Bus

We once traveled on a bus to Naxi to promote Dafa. On the bus, we played the music "Pudu" all the way there, so the other passengers, about one hundred of them, could hear it. Further along on the journey, a few more practitioners joined us on the bus. They said that the bus was glowing in the fog and that they could see it from a long distance away. The driver was very impressed. He said, "I found this trip very easy this time. You guys are doing so much for other people. I will not charge you as much. I want to do something good, too."

Lumps Disappeared

In Beihe Township, two people from the countryside came to learn Falun Dafa. They both had lumps on different parts of their bodies. One had a lump the size of a ping-pong ball behind one ear, and he had lost hearing in that ear. The other person had a lump on his calf the size of a tea cup. He complained that it was very painful and that he had spent a lot of money to try to get rid of it but eventually gave up on treatment.

As they learned the exercises, one of them noticed that his lump had already gotten smaller, and it no longer hurt. The other person's hearing returned and his lump had also gotten much smaller.

Falun Over the Skies of Fangshan Township

February 29, 1999, of the lunar calendar is the birthday of Bodhisattva Guanyin, and many people visit the temple on that day. About three hundred practitioners decided to go there on that day to tell people about Falun Dafa. Some of us set up banners and others taught the exercises. Many people came to learn, and others asked for information and books. We were all very busy. As the morning fog lifted, the sun came out, and we could see a shape swirling near the sun. We knew that it was a Falun. At about 1:00 p.m. it started to display beautiful colors as it turned. It became bigger and brighter, turning from red to golden, and, radiating outward ,it shone down on us. We were very excited, and many people came out of the temple to look at it. A reporter also took pictures.

These events occurred prior to July 1999, when the persecution started.

January 30, 2010