Name: Liu Guixiang (刘桂香)
Gender: Female
Age: 64
Address: Banqian Building, East Section of No. 858 Farm, Mudanjiang City Agricultural Administration Bureau
Occupation: a retired employee of the farm
Date of Death: November 28, 2010
Date of Most Recent Arrest: September 10, 2010
Most Recent Place of Detention: Heilongjiang Province Land Reclamation and Cultivation Mudanjiang Department Detention Center (黑龙江农垦牡丹江分局看守所)
Province: Heilongjiang Province
Persecution Suffered: Electric shock, sleep deprivation, forced labor, brainwashing, illegal sentencing, beatings, hung up, imprisonment, solitary confinement, torture, force-feedings, extortion, fired from workplace, physical restraint, home ransacked, interrogation, detention, denial of restroom use

Key Persecutors: Zhai Yunzhi, Chief of the 610 Office, instructor, No. 858 Farm, Police Department, Heilongjiang Province, Cell: 13704685718, Home: 86- 0467-5981251, Office: 86-0647-5951092

Wang Ping, director of Detention Center, Heilongjiang Province Land Reclamation and Cultivation Mudanjiang Department, Home: 86- 0467-5061795, Cell:13836502907

Chan Hongshan, director of No. 858 Farm Police Department, Office: 86-0467-5951091, Cell: 13836510150

Liu Li, leader of Domestic Security Division, Land Reclamation and Cultivation Mudanjiang Police Department: Office: 86-467-5060395, Home: 86- 467-5063293, Cell: 15946676499

Gao Fudong, secretary of Political and Judiciary Committee, Land Reclamation and Cultivation Mudanjiang Police Department: Office: 86-467-5063669, Cell: 13339567766

Xin Lianjun, director of Land Reclamation and Cultivation Mudanjiang Police Department: 86-467-5063750, zip code: 158308


Ms. Liu Guixiang, a 64 year old, retired employee of No. 858 Farm, Heilongjiang Province, was arrested on September 10, 2010 at No. 858 Farm. Eighty days after she was held at the Detention Center of the Land Reclamation and Cultivation Mudanjiang Police Department, she died on November 28 as a result of persecution.

Ms. Liu gave a Falun Dafa amulet to a temporary worker of the Department of Household Residence, No. 858 Farm Police Department. On September 10, 2010, Zhang Lichun, a police officer, leading other officers from the 610 Office, No. 858 Farm Police Department, arrested her and ransacked her home for doing this. At 3 p.m. that afternoon, she was taken to the Detention Center of the Mudanjiang Agricultural Administration Bureau.

She previously weighed over 170 lbs and was very healthy. Within less than three months, when she was persecuted to death, her weight had decreased by 40 lbs.

At 5 p.m. on November 29, 2010, her husband, her younger brother and her son saw her body at the mortuary. She had a swollen abdomen, and was naked except for clothes only covering her breasts. Her whole body was swollen and her face was gaunt. Her pants were wet with urine. She had only one shoe on and the other one was left in the coffin. Her body was distorted. At that time, they saw a layer of purple spots on her shoulders.

The officer on duty said that around 1:30 a.m. on November 29, 2010, her body was brought into the mortuary.

Reportedly, around midnight on November 28, guards from Mishan City Detention Center took her to Peide Hospital in Mishan. The hospital staff said that she was already dead, and the doctor did not finish the physical examination.

Wang Ping, the director of the detention center, said to her son that the cause of death was cerebral hemorrhage.

It was said by some officers from the Mudanjiang City Agricultural Administration Bureau, that this time, the persecution towards Ms. Liu was done under the instruction and plan of Zhai Yunzhi, the chief of the 610 Office, an instructor of the No. 858 Farm Police Department. He declared that, “I have not liked you for a long time. I already planned to put you in prison.”

Before Ms. Liu practiced Falun Gong, she had heart disease, tracheitis, slipped disc, rheumatism, hysteromyoma and other diseases. After she began practicing Falun Gong in March 1998, her diseases disappeared. On July 20, 1999, when the CCP started the persecution of Falun Gong, she went to Beijing to appeal on July 22, 1999. Three months later, she was arrested by officers from No. 858 Farm Police Department. She was held for fifteen days.

On March 21, 2000, officers from No. 858 Farm 610 Office Police Department arrested her, and she was taken to the hotel of No. 858 Farm, a brainwashing center, where she was brainwashed for over fifty days and was forced to pay living and food expenses of 3,000 yuan. After she was released, Xue Jicheng, deputy leader of No. 12 Division, assigned by the farm, watched her every day. Each day, whenever she went out, it was reported to Lu Yuxing, who would pick her up and drop her off himself.

On December 8, 2010, she went to Beijing again. She was arrested by Wang Yuqin, the deputy director of No. 858 Farm, Han Zhaoheng and Wang Zhibin, from No. 858 Farm Police Department, Wang Xuejun, secretary of No. 12 Division, No. 858 Farm. She was held at the farm police department. That night, she was handcuffed to the wall for the night by Tang Jingtian, secretary of No. 858 Farm Rules Committee, Song Lixue, director of Propaganda Department and chief of the 610 Office. The third day, she was taken to the detention center of Mudanjiang Agricultural administration Bureau. Her 800 yuan was taken and has not been returned yet.

She was sentenced to two years of forced labor by officers from No. 858 Farm Police Department. During the period when she was at the Wanjia Labor Camp, she was tortured severely. She was locked into a small cell by Zhang Bo, director of No. 12 Ward, and tortured with sleep deprivation, not being allowed to use the bathroom, punched and kicked and brutally force-fed.

During these seven months, when she was in a small cell, she was forced to sit on an iron chair. The iron chair is an instrument of torture. Her hands and legs were tied to the iron chair without any room to move. As time passed, her feet would swell up. Once she was forced to sit for over a month and her lower lumbar region completely turned purple.

Once, many guards held her down, put the force feeding tube into her stomach and repeatedly moved it back and forth. Her stomach was damaged and bled severely. At that point, she lost consciousness. Guards hit her head to wake her up. When she woke up, she found blood all over her face and there were several tubes in her mouth. Guards removed these tubes again and put them into her nose and continued to force-feed her. Many days passed, and she still had blood in her stool and black and blue marks on her head.

Once, Li Min, a male guard, used a rope to tie Ms. Liu and hang her up. He kicked her back and forth for almost an hour and then put her on the ground.

Once when she was locked to an iron chair. Li Min grabbed an insect and put it into Ms. Liu's mouth. He then punched her in the cheek. Ms. Li Lan, who was also being held, said, “Do not beat Ms. Liu. She is old.” Li Min went to punch Ms. Li Lan in the head twice, and said, “Is she your mother?”

Once, a male guard, Liu Xingang, removed Ms. Liu from the small cell to a room not far away. He let two male inmates try to force her to give up Falun Gong. Ms. Liu did not agree and was punched and kicked by the two inmates for almost an hour. Liu Xingang said, “If you do not give up, tomorrow we will come to torture you one by one.”

Later, Ms. Liu was transferred to No. 7 Ward and was forced to sit on a small bench. She was frequently assaulted with an electric baton. Once, four guards hung her up and shocked her with electric batons for four hours.

After her term expired, guards extended her term by another eighteen days at the Wanjia Labor Camp, and then she returned home. During that period, officers from No. 858 Farm held her retirement pension for over two years, totaling over 14,000 yuan. They also forced her family to pay 1,600 yuan that they spent to arrest her when she went to Beijing to appeal the second time. The money has not been returned.