(Clearwisdom.net) I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. I have experienced many extraordinary things and enjoyed much enlightenment over the years. I have also learned several serious lessons. In this article, I want to share several dangerous experiences I had while clarifying the truth and how I avoided the danger with righteous thoughts.

Clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings are part of the cultivation path Master has arranged for us. We must remove our human thoughts and go out to save sentient beings. We have produced and handed out truth-clarification materials since the persecution started in 1999. We have clarified the truth to the people around us at the same time. After the publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party we started to help people quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as well as tell them about the persecution. I started with family members, relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbors. I talked to almost every one of them before I retired.

Later we started to clarify the truth face-to-face on the street. We always start with a big smile and say hello to people. Then we say we have a gift for them. It's either a DVD or the Nine Commentaries. We clarify the truth and, if our conversation goes well, help them to quit the CCP. It was hard for us to talk to strangers at first. We continuously studied the Fa and tried to break through our own notions. During the process, we discarded the attachments of fear, of saving face and not wanting to suffer. After a long process, we can now talk to anybody on the street. We go out every day. It is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. We don't think of it as hardship and are gratified when sentient beings are saved.

Most people agreed with us when we clarified the truth. But there was interference. Some refused the materials, some threw them in our face, and some took out their cellphones to report us. We would send forth righteous thoughts and were able to avoid danger.

I wasn't very good at cultivating myself at the time. I didn't know that I should study the Fa well and cultivate myself well. We could save more sentient beings that way with more righteous thoughts. I reversed the order of the three things and took doing things as cultivation. I couldn't concentrate on Fa-study and skimped on Fa-study. I clarified the truth during the day and produced materials at night. I even worked during the time which was for sending righteous thoughts. My attachments of zealotry, the mentality of showing off, the mentality of superiority to other fellow practitioners and the mentality of validating myself kept growing as my truth clarification had been going well. I knew I should look within but I didn't find my true attachments. All attachments were covered by good results in doing things. Everything went so well that I started to ease up on safety. I didn't use wisdom when clarifying the truth. I would hand out the Nine Commentaries regardless of the receiver's attitude. One day I was reported while I was clarifying the truth. Several fellow practitioners were taken away at the same time. We suffered different degrees of persecution. Because I hadn't studied the Fa well for a long time and I had attachments to sentimentality and fear, I enlightened along an evil path with evil theories and did things a Dafa disciple shouldn't do. It left a stain on my cultivation path. After I came back home, I study the Fa every day with a calm mind with fellow practitioner's help. I read all 39 books of Master's lectures day and night. I found lots of attachments through Fa-study and looking within. I finally left the old forces' arrangements and returned to Dafa. My solemn declaration was published on the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom).

I came to the understanding that being reported or arrested is not true danger. The informer who is unaware of the truth is the one in true danger as he did bad things and created karma. How could he ever repay such a karmic debt? As a practitioner, all tribulations resulted from karma and problems with our xinxing. Master told us to deny all the arrangements of the old forces and not to acknowledge the old forces. When tribulation arrives, if we think of Master, think of ourselves as practitioners, take the standpoint of Dafa and put away all the human mindsets, this should be sufficient for us to pass the test. Because we cultivate amongst everyday people and still have human mindsets, we won't be able to pass the test if we have one bad thought and deal with the tribulation with our human logic. Although I have been cultivating for several years, removed some human mindsets and have done lots of Dafa work, my standpoint hasn't fundamentally changed. I always looked at issues with human logic. That's why I would always be enmeshed in tribulations. Through Fa-study, I realized that we can't succeed in cultivation if we are immersed in human mindsets and human notions and don't understand Dafa rationally.

Even though I fell down, Master didn't give me up and still waited for me to get up. I learned from many lessons that Dafa work should be done by practitioners, not everyday people. We must make Fa-study the top priority. We can save more sentient beings only when we study the Fa well, look within, cultivate ourselves well and have strong righteous thoughts.

We still do the three things every day. We study the Fa well, then go out to clarify the truth. We meet all kinds of people during the process. We check our every thought in accordance with Dafa and always look within. We became wiser and more clearheaded when clarifying the truth. We always maintain a pure heart and a mind of kindness even when we encounter unreasonable people or danger. The danger can be avoided with compassionate and righteous thoughts.

An elderly practitioner and I went to the beach to clarify the truth on a Sunday. We successfully helped several people to quit the CCP. Later we saw a teenage boy on the beach and we started to chat with him. We talked about the principle of being a good person, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance as the universal truth, the wide-spread acceptance of Dafa around the world, the social morality becoming corrupt and the disasters it brings. We told him that quitting the CCP will ensure his safety. The boy agreed to quit the CCP and told us his name with a smile. Just when we wished him good luck and about to leave, he suddenly got up and shouted, “Stop! You are spreading poisonous ideas and asking people to quit the CCP. You're against the CCP. What's your occupation? You're committing crimes.” He was so loud that everybody on the beach heard it. We were surrounded by about 50 people in an instant. We knew that he was controlled by the evil beings behind him. We thought of Master and asked for Master's support. We sent forth righteous thoughts when he was shouting. We looked into his eyes and hoped he would not do bad things under the control of the evil beings. When he paused a moment, I talked to him kindly, “We are not committing crimes. Freedom of belief and freedom of speech is legitimate by the Constitution. We just want you to be safe by telling you this information. Go play with your friends.” He replied loudly, “What's to play? You will talk to others about quitting the CCP if I leave.” We kept sending righteous thoughts with a smile and looked into the boys' eyes. We had a thought that the evil was not allowed to control everyday people and instigate them to do evil deeds against practitioners. When he wasn't shouting, we tried to reason with him, “We are your grandmother's age. We only wish you would listened more. It must be a predestined relationship that we get to talk to each other. We wish you the best. It is all right if you don't believe all the things we said.” In that instant, about five teenage boys asked him to leave. I told him, “Your friends are calling you. Go with them.” The boy was no longer vicious to us, and left. We sent forth righteous thoughts and left the beach. The whole incident lasted about ten minutes. The people surrounded us and his friends were not by his side. We felt that there are fewer evil beings in other dimensions. Master will help us if we don't have fear, eliminate the evil beings with righteous thoughts and save the sentient beings with a heart of compassion.

Another time, we went to a market to clarify the truth. There were many shops in the market. We went into the shops one after another. Most people agreed with us and we helped them to quit the CCP. We met a young man who was in the flooring business. At first, he didn't believe what we said and said that he only believed in science. We told him that we were both senior professionals in the field of scientific research. We explained that modern science has very limited knowledge about the universe. More than 95% dark matter in the universe remains unknown. Science cannot do anything about natural disasters and sudden changes in your own life. We told him that natural disasters were caused by corrupt social morality and that the CCP is corrupt. We also told him that things will be eliminated if they are corrupted and that this is a law nobody can alter. People pledge and dedicate their life to the CCP when joining the CCP and its associated organizations. If one day the divine beings destroy the CCP and you are still a member, do you want to be buried with the dead? The young man shook his head immediately. We said, “You're a young man. Your parents gave you life and they won't let you be buried with those corrupt officials. How about quitting the CCP using the name Shun Tian? It will wipe out the promise you made to the CCP and you will be safe when disaster come.” The young man understood the truth and readily agreed to quit the CCP. He was interested when we told him the truth about Falun Gong and the wide-spread acceptance of Dafa around the world. We were happy for him.

We continued clarifying the truth in other shops. The young man suddenly ran into the shop in a hurry. He said, “You have to leave now. Someone reported you.” We didn't realize we were in danger and continued talking. After a while, the young man ran into the shop and said, “You have to leave now. The young woman you just spoke to had reported you to the police officer. The police car will be here soon. Hurry up and leave.” We realized we were in danger and left immediately. We were happy for the young man and his kindness in protecting us. We also felt that it was Master who was telling us to avoid the danger.

Later, we talked about the reason why we encountered these things today. My fellow practitioner said that she had the competitive mentality when she saw that the young woman didn't accept our words. She said in her mind, “We do this for you. How come you treat us like this? I should warn you.” She told the young woman, “Don't disbelieve what we said. Otherwise, …...” The young woman wasn't happy to hear this, “I don't believe it,” she said. They started to argue a little. I pulled my fellow practitioner away when I saw that they were having an argument. I didn't realize that I should send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil beings that were trying to prevent people from accepting the truth. We should clarify the truth with a heart of compassion. If we have a competitive mentality, we will try to impose our views on others. That will provoke people's negative side and lead them to do bad deeds. We learned a lesson from that. The process of clarifying the truth is a process of cultivating ourselves. We should relinquish all kinds of human thoughts, fear, competitiveness, hatred, validating ourselves and zealotry. We only need compassion and righteous thoughts.

One time, a mother and her two daughters were selling dumplings and we went to talk to them. We hadn't talked much, when the mother became unhappy. She said something bad loudly. We told her the truth of the Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident, about Falun Gong and quitting the CCP. We said, “Nobody is going to tell you the truth if we all stay at home. How will you be safe when disaster comes?” We both coordinated very well. One told her the truth and the other one was sending forth righteous thoughts. We complemented each other. The mother seemed like another person. She asked me, “Can you tell us what we should do?” I told her to quit the CCP. She agreed immediately. The mother and her two daughters all quit the CCP happily. We encountered such things several times and were able to solve it with righteous thoughts and righteous actions.

We experienced several dangerous incidents during the process of clarifying the truth. But the true danger is not the tribulation itself. It will become dangerous if we deal with the tribulation with human mindsets and don't take the standpoint of Dafa. We won't get out of the tribulation if we don't discard our human mindset during tribulations.

Doing the three things well is the cultivation path Master arranged for us. We should proceed without hesitation no matter how dangerous the path is, because we have Master and Dafa. The dangerous incidents made us wiser and more clearheaded. I realized that we can disintegrate the evil beings in other dimensions, avoid danger and change people's hearts only if we study the Fa well, use the supernatural abilities Master has given us, look within and save sentient beings with a pure heart.