(Clearwisdom.net) A local Falun Gong practitioner nicknamed A-Gui was arrested by the CCP recently. Many practitioners came together to rescue A-Gui, who was illegally sentenced to five years of imprisonment just outside my town.

A-Gui's family member, Lingmei, who is also a practitioner, collected valuable information on A-Gui's imprisonment. At that time, while our cultivation state was unstable, whenever we received new information, our human notions affected our thoughts on rescuing A-Gui. For instance, when we heard A-Gui was at her limit both physically and mentally, only then did we feel the urgency of the matter. Recognizing this, our righteous thoughts then became very clear that our fellow practitioner must not be persecuted by the evil. Then the thought surfaced in my heart: I must rescue my fellow practitioner.

From the human perspective, I had no means of rescuing A-Gui. However, I knew that I could not simply look at the surface level of this matter. We are cultivators and everything is in the Fa. We should look for a way to rescue her from within the Fa.

The process of how we rescued another practitioner in 2003 came to mind. At that time, there was no way to help the practitioner escape. I had strong attachments to fear and my memory was also poor, yet I was the coordinator for the rescue. I had strong human notions, and only after eliminating my human notions was she finally rescued. After seven years of studying the Fa and cultivating, I realized that the only reason the practitioner was able to walk out from the evil's den was because we had, as a group, given up a lot of human notions at that time and we had assimilated to the Fa. We met the Fa's requirement of selflessness and knew that it was Master who was doing everything. Every step was Master's arrangement.

These past experiences made me realize that if I wanted to save fellow practitioners, we had to firmly believe in Master and rely on the Fa. At that moment of realization, I knew that the evil old forces should not test practitioners and I would uphold the dignity of Dafa. When burning incense for Master, I asked Master to strengthen our rescue efforts. With Master's support, fellow practitioner B told me that she also would like to help rescue A-Gui and that she had been working on it for some time.

Practitioner B and A-Gui's family members went to the prison to save the sentient beings related to this incident. At home, fellow practitioners and I coordinated our efforts to send forth righteous thoughts around the clock. We had a group that was in charge of one hour each day. Those who had more time could send forth righteous thoughts for a longer period of time. By doing it this way, we did not interfere with practitioners' daily lives or doing the three things well. As a result of the intensive righteous thoughts, we were able to effectively eliminate the evil factors responsible for this persecution.

Practitioner B knew someone in charge at the prison, and she wanted to rescue A-Gui through this person. Some practitioners shared with her that this was inappropriate, but practitioner B felt that this person was very good and there shouldn't be a problem. However, when they went to the prison, they were not able to see this person. When they returned to the hotel, practitioner B had a dream that she was carrying a baby in her arms, and from that, realized that she was carrying human notions in trying to solve the problem of rescuing our practitioner.

The next day, because her thoughts had been purified, her kindness and compassion emerged, the staff at the prison felt Dafa's compassion and power, and the rescue was successfully carried out.

Throughout the entire rescue process, we gave up our human notions. We patiently listened to other practitioners pointing out our human notions and correcting us. When we met with any problems, we looked inside ourselves for the cause to see which human notions had not been let go of.

By raising our levels within the Fa, and eliminating our human notions, and with the support of Master, local practitioners and practitioners from other cities, we were successful in rescuing A-Gui. A few of the prison staff said that they'd never seen anyone successfully released in that way.

This success validated that as long as we truly follow Master's requirements and meet the Fa's standards, we will be successful. At the same time, I also saw firsthand a case of “cultivation is up to you, and gong is up to the master.” (Zhuan Falun)

By writing down our experience, we'd like to tell other practitioners who are also involved in rescue efforts that, even when you are having many problems, do not give up. You will definitely find a way to rescue practitioners within the Fa. The way is through our hearts and through looking inside to find the problem. Whatever you do, please do not harbor resentment and complaints, or look outside of oneself for the answers. Looking outwards is to fall outside of the Fa. We can only do this by looking inside and cultivating ourselves, digging out our human attachments and eliminating them, changing our deeply entrenched notions of doing Dafa work with human thoughts, putting the Fa principles that we have recognized into practice, and believing in Master and the Fa 100% by eliminating all doubts. Only when we let go of our human notions and assimilate to the requirements of the Fa can we succeed in Dafa.

My understanding is not to rely on ordinary human methods to help us in Dafa work. I remember Master's words, “With the wave of a Buddha’s hand all of the human race's sicknesses could vanish.” (Zhuan Falun) As Dafa disciples, if we are able to eliminate our human notions, there is nothing that we cannot do.

The above is my understanding. Please feel free to point out any inadequacies in my sharing. Let us cooperate well and help with Master's Fa-rectification, and thereby save sentient beings.