(Clearwisdom.net) On October 27, 2010 Minghui published an article “Group Exercises Should Be Taken Seriously”. After reading it, I had many thoughts and feelings. After establishing a Fa-study group, we pay much attention to studying the Fa well. We took Fa study very seriously and really invested ourselves in it. The results were very positive.

Previously when conditions were safe, our group once arranged to do the exercises together. Some practitioners brought a camcorder along and recorded us doing the exercises. Shortly afterwards we all watched the videotape. After watching it, everyone was shocked. We had practiced the exercises together for so many years, how could our movements be so disorderly? Not only were they too fast or too slow, but none of our movements were up to par. For the second exercise, some stood holding the law wheel hunched and stooped over; not only were their arms not rounded but they held the wheel in an incorrect position. When doing the third exercise, some didn't extend their arms fully. Some moved as if they were dancing with flowing movements. Some practitioners moved stiffly. Some movements were so distorted that they were beyond recognition from what Master taught us. They weren't as Master had taught us—unhurried, slow, and round. What benefit was there in practicing the exercises like that?

After viewing the tapes, everyone could sense that this was a serious problem. Is it permissible to practice the exercises without meeting Master's requirements?

Master said:

"Falun Dafa is also a cultivation practice of mind and body, and it requires exercises. On the one hand, the exercises are used to strengthen supernormal abilities. What is 'strengthening?' It is the reinforcement of your supernormal abilities by your powerful gong potency, thus making them progressively stronger. "

"A complete cultivation practice of mind and body requires both cultivation and practice. " (Lecture One from Zhuan Falun)

Master has explained to us the importance of practicing the exercises in his Fa lectures. If our movements are inaccurate, we won't be able to effectively strengthen the mechanisms that Master has given us. This will not only affect the transformation of our bodies, but will also impact the effectiveness of our supernormal abilities, even to the point of directly impacting our ability to destroy the evil elements arranged by the old forces.

After studying the Fa, we all realized the importance of practicing the exercises as a group. We decided to designate a specific time to do the exercises together. When we did the exercises, one practitioner whose movements meet the standard relatively well would face the rest of us and help us one at a time correct our movements. We also worked in pairs and corrected each other. And then we compared our movements to what is described in The Great Consummation Way of Falun Dafa in order to try our best to guarantee that our movements were precise and accurate. We then made another recording of our group exercises. We all noticed that the energy field was very strong. The pleasing exercise music made everyone feel immersed in benevolence and kindness. Our hearts were filled with an incredible and glorious feeling. We all genuinely enlightened to the meaning of what Master wrote:

"Only then, with that, is it actually cultivation."(“Solid Cultivation” from Hong Yin)

We watched the new recording of the group exercises and discovered that we had a completely new mental outlook. The exercise movements were neat and orderly, and the past inaccurate movements had been corrected.

Practitioners benefited greatly going through this experience. We realized that practicing the exercises is an important part of Falun Dafa and that every movement has been set by Master and has inner meaning. It is an important form in the Fa. We absolutely cannot willfully alter the exercises. We should treat them seriously according to Master's requirements.