On November 30, 2010, at around 9 a.m., three policemen from the Dancheng County National Security Bureau raided the home of Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Yue Yanping. She was not at home, but her 100-year-old disabled mother was there alone. It was like a home invasion robbery: her mother was so scared, she could not keep any food down.

They searched every room and even took the tape player the old woman used daily. They took all the Dafa books and Teacher's picture. Earlier this year, Ms. Yue Yanping had been held against her will for five days.

Shortly after the police raided the home of another practitioner, Ms. Li Suzhi. Ms. Li was downstairs in the yard when they came in. She did not know any of the officers and they wore plainclothes. They did not show any warrant but invaded the home and took pictures anyway. They took Dafa books and personal belongings. Ms. Li Suzhi closed the door and asked for their names. Their names are Hao Dezhi, Liu Xinjian, and Wei Yi. Wei Yi, the main perpetrator, was sentenced to two years in 2007 due to extortion of a local monk. After his release he became a policeman in the National Security Bureau!

In 2009, before the CCP's national conference, police in Dancheng County arrested local practitioners on a large scale. Five practitioners aged over 60 were arrested, and money was extorted from their families. The arrested practitioners were: Zhang Peihua, Cheng Xiaohua, Zhou Guiying, Guo Guiying, and Liu Wenying.