(Clearwisdom.net) My granddaughter is seven years old this year, and she has practiced Falun Dafa only for one year. It was more convenient to care for her and have her go to school from our house, so she started living with us when she was five years old.

Learning the Practice

I walked with my granddaughter to her school, and recited Hong Yin in a quiet voice. She listened very carefully. One day she recited most of Hong Yin to me, which surprised me very much. When she was six years old, she caught a bad cold. After having injections and medicine for several days, she told me: "I must practice and return to the true home with Teacher!" Since then, she started to cultivate in Falun Dafa with me. One day she told me the following poem: "Grandma has lots of stories, and she is very kind; she leads me to the road of cultivation, upon completion we both will return to heaven."

My granddaughter has limited time to read Dafa books because she needs to go to school every day. I arranged a schedule for her. On the way to school, she recites Hong Yin with me or keeps saying "Falun Dafa is good" and "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." On the way back home, we talk about cultivation. As soon as she finishes her homework in the evening, she studies the Fa or listens to Teacher's lectures before going to bed. During the weekend, she may watch a Shen Yun performance on DVD.

My husband has been deeply brainwashed by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). One time, he pointed to the Shen Yun DVD and questioned whether Heaven and divine beings really exist. Upon hearing that, my granddaughter got really upset. She said: "Grandpa is wrong. Heaven does exist. I saw it. It's exactly the same as the palace shown in Shen Yun." She described the scenes she saw in her dream after watching the Shen Yun tape. She said that in the dream, she was brought to a heavenly palace to listen to Teacher Li's lecture. Teacher also taught her to do the exercises. Teacher guided her to visit many palaces. She also saw heavenly maidens scattering flowers. She said one night the maidens gave her a birthday party. I told her that it was encouragement from Teacher. I told her to cultivate well and not let Teacher down.

Cultivating the Mind

One time I saw my granddaughter coughing badly, so I asked if she had caught a cold. She told me seriously,: "Grandma, this is neither a cold nor sickness, it is Teacher resolving karma for me. It is all a good thing." Last winter during the holidays, she spent several days living with her grandma on her mother's side. After coming back, the skin on her back and legs had some patches of green spots. Her grandma told me it was an allergic reaction to eating shrimp. My granddaughter told me, "Grandma, they don't know the reason because they don't cultivate, but I know it's Teacher helping me to get rid of my attachment of liking to eat shrimp. On the other hand, he is also taking advantage of this opportunity to dissolve my karma. Grandma, you are also a cultivator, how can you not understand? Don't worry about it!"

Before my granddaughter became a Dafa practitioner, some kids bullied her at school, and she always punched back. Her teacher complained to us as guardians several times, "Your kid is too aggressive. She scratched the face of the boy next to her, and he had cuts on his face. I had to change her seat so many times."

Ever since she started practicing Falun Dafa, these things never happened again. Now my granddaughter gets along with her classmates very well. Sometimes, classmates make fun of her and put leaves or sand on her head. She cheerfully endures it, instead of hitting back or complaining. She wholeheartedly helps her classmates, fetches water for the classroom and sweeps the floor. She is highly praised by her teacher and classmates. She was chosen as a class leader and recognized with a certificate.

One time, due to road construction, my granddaughter had to take the school bus. During this time, the improvement of her xinxing showed. In her diary, she wrote a poem, "Riding the bus to school, many students race ahead to get a seat. Although the Dafa practitioner is very young, she knows courtesy. She improves xinxing by getting rid of her attachment."

In the past she was a picky eater, and would throw tantrums when she didn't like the food that she was given. Now she eats what she is served without asking for something different.

Once in a while, my granddaughter watches too much TV, especially cartoons, even after she started to cultivate. Several times she tried to get rid of that attachment, but failed. Recently she got hooked on watching cartoons again. With Teacher's guidance, she decided to get rid of the addiction to watching TV. Now my granddaughter studies the Fa quite diligently, and sometimes she helps me when I go out to explain the facts about Falun Dafa.