(Clearwisdom.net) Two sisters from Jiamusi City, Ms. Wang Yinghua and Ms. Wang Yingxia, were illegally detained numerous times since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to persecute Falun Gong in 1999. Their family was also severely affected. Their parents are unable to take care of themselves and the home was left unattended.

Below is a partial account of the persecution suffered by the two sisters:

Wang Yingxia Severely Abused, Wang Yinghua Arrested

Ms. Wang Yingxia, the younger sister, went to Qinghe Town in Tongjiang City to distribute truth-clarification materials on the evening of December 14, 2007. Qinghe Town Police Station officers arrested her and sent her to the Fuyuan County Detention Center.

One day in late April 2008, Ms. Wang Yinghua, the elder sister, received a phone call from a Fuyuan County Detention Center official, who said: "You sister is ill. Come and bring money, so that she can be treated."

Ms. Wang immediately went to Fuyuan County with 1,500 yuan. When she saw her sister, she could barely recognize her. Her face was so severely swollen that she could not see. A guard in the detention center said that she had been sentenced to three years of imprisonment without going through legal procedures. Ms. Wang immediately requested her sister's release on medical parole. The detention center officials said they could not make that decision and deflected responsibility for Ms. Wang Yingxia's condition, claiming that her sister had to speak to Tongjiang City officials. Ms. Wang Yinghua then went to the Tongjiang City Police Department, where officials refused to release her sister on medical parole.

At that time, Ms. Wang was temporarily staying in the home of practitioner Ms. Liu Yanwei. Police officers arrested both Ms. Wang and Ms. Liu at 8 p.m. on May 5, 2008. The officers confiscated 1,500 yuan from Ms. Wang, took Ms. Liu's keys, and then entered her home and confiscated a laptop computer and Falun Gong truth-clarification materials. Ms. Wang and Ms. Liu were held at a detention center.

Wang Yinghua Illegally Detained

When a detention center guard tried to perform a physical exam on Ms. Wang and Ms. Liu, Ms. Liu refused to cooperate. The detention center head Yang Hua then beat her with a heavy belt. When Ms. Wang shouted, "Stop the beating," Yang Hua started to beat her as well.

After being put in the cell, Ms. Wang and Ms. Liu began to clarify the truth to the inmates. The inmates were very sympathetic and listened to them. When Ms. Wang called out "Falun Dafa is good!" the guard threatened to beat her. However, Ms. Wang clarified truth to her and the guard then left. No guards came to bother her anymore when she subsequently called out "Falun Dafa is good!"

The next day, Tongjiang City Domestic Security Division agents interrogated Ms. Wang. She said: "You called me to come and seek treatment for my sister's illness. Now you have stolen the money I had brought for her medical expenses."

The guard then brought out heavy iron shackles, which were usually used on death-row inmates, and immobilized Ms. Wang, spreading her four limbs apart.

Wang Yinghua Sent to Forced Labor Camp

The next day, the guards notified the Jiamusi Suburb Domestic Security Division officials, who then sent Ms. Wang to the Xigemu Labor Camp in Jiamusi City with a term of one and a half years.

After Ms. Wang arrived at the forced labor camp, five guards, including Liu Yadong, Li Xiujin, and a guard with surname Zhang, forced her to sign documents to give up her belief. Liu Yadong chained Ms. Wang's arms and legs to an iron chair. She was kept restrained this way day and night for four consecutive days, and then division manager Wang Xin ordered the torture to be extended by three more days. After Ms. Wang was released from seven days of being immobilized in the iron chair, she could no longer stand up. Two inmates had to hold her up when she tried to walk. Her legs were so swollen that it was difficult for her to take off her pants.

Afterward, the guards forced Ms. Wang to do hard labor every day. As a result, Ms. Wang was often exhausted. The only food she was given was moldy steamed buns and cabbage soup, occasionally mixed with mud or dead mice.

Wang Yihua's Family Traumatized

When Ms. Wang returned home from the labor camp a year and a half later, she found that her family's condition had severely deteriorated. Due to the stress resulting from her two daughters' illegal detention, their once-healthy mother became sick and bedridden. Their father, who had relied on their mother's help due to his having suffered a stroke, was left unattended. Despite his poor physical condition and not being able to walk steadily, he had once traveled to the forced labor camp to visit his daughter. When he arrived there, however, he was turned away by the labor camp officials.

Ms. Wang's family used to run a restaurant. After she was detained, her husband, son and mother-in-law were severely traumatized. Her husband was not able to remain fully focused on the business, and their restaurant lost a lot of money. Her son could not focus on work either, and her mother-in-law, already in her 80s, had to help run the restaurant.