(Clearwisdom.net) The Mid-USA Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference was held in Chicago on November 7, 2010, with Falun Dafa practitioners from Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Kansas, Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri, South Dakota and other regions in attendance. Twenty-four practitioners shared how they cultivated well and made greater efforts in their truth-clarification work while participating in their respective Fa-validation projects.

Mr. Wang from Chicago talked about his experience of coordinating Shen Yun performance in Chicago, his understanding of the importance of coordination work in Dafa projects, and his view of a coordinator's responsibility and the pressure he or she has to bear. His experience made him even more proactive in cooperating well with other coordinators. Mr. Wang also shared his understanding from his experience in his regular job. He said for a period of time, he was very busy in his work, and there was no improvement even though he tried hard to make changes. But while exchanging understandings with other practitioners, he realized that he had an attachment to being afraid of losing his job. The root of his fear stemmed from the bondage of "reputation, interests and emotions." He also realized that he had made a mistake by putting his everyday people's work in the first place, and Fa-rectification cultivation in second place. After making all this clear, he was at ease, a feeling that he had missed for several months. He enlightened that, "At any time, a practitioner should put Dafa as top priority. Not only should we understand this in our minds, but also put it into practice. In our cultivation, in particular, when in difficult times or at a loss, we should often ask ourselves, 'Why do we practice cultivation?' --the most fundamental question. Once we make this point clear, it will be easy for us to see clearly all kinds of superficial phenomena in the human world, and to let go of our attachments."

Ms. Hu from Kansas shared her truth clarification experience in her company. When her Chinese colleagues objected that she introduced Falun Dafa at an event because they had misunderstandings about Falun Gong, she decided to face the challenge and resolve the problem by her truth clarification efforts. Through a series of face-to-face discussions, many department officials became aware of the facts about Falun Gong. Ms. Hu was then informed that she can introduce Falun Gong in her company.

Ms. Yang from Chicago sells advertisements for The Epoch Times newspaper. One of her customers hesitated in making a final decision. After more than a dozen phone calls, her customer said, "You really persevere. People like you will succeed." Her customer told her that the real reason for his hesitation was because of the Chinese Consulate's interference. Ms. Yang presented six reasons for him to completely dispel his worries. During the time, Ms. Yang understood that only by not being affected by any human thoughts can we go beyond everyday people, unlock their hearts, and save them. Sometimes, we may have tried numerous times without results. We may feel upset and depressed. At this time, we should look within. When things become stagnant, and our gong was unable to increase, it's time that we should upgrade our xinxing. It is usually the case that when we become diligent, we'll see light at the end of tunnel.

Maureen from Wisconsin said that when she participated in promoting Shen Yun performances, many of her attachments surfaced, which enabled her to have an opportunity to become a better cultivator. From having no idea on how to do to do things well, when cooperating with other practitioners, she understood that she must spend some time cultivating well her relationship with each and every practitioner. When there were conflicts, she should be tolerant, cherish her relationships with fellow practitioners, give up her own things, and put other practitioners' need as top priority.

Andy from Missouri thought himself to be not good at talking and introverted. There is a truth clarification site for Chinese people in his local area. It was a challenge for him to have more contact with others, especially to have face-to-face talks with more strangers to clarify the facts to them. Being introverted became something that he must break through. He decided to go to the truth clarification site more often so that he could gradually get rid of his habit of being not good at talking. In the process, he gradually let go of his attachments of being afraid of losing face, vanity and seeking fame. He gained deeper understanding of Master's words, "the appearance stems from the mind." ("Fa Teaching Given at the Epoch Times Meeting," October 2009) With local practitioners' continuous efforts, many people have become aware of the facts, and quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations, and some predestined people started practicing Falun Gong. Andy said that through this period of truth clarification, he found that he was no longer the same person who dared not to talk. He begins by taking the initiative to greet others, and hand out flyers and informational materials to strangers. He thanked Master for giving him this opportunity, in which he can upgrade his xinxing and save sentient beings.

Practitioners also discussed how to make phone calls to mainland China to exhort Chinese people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, and validate the Fa by participating in the media. A new practitioner who recently began practicing Falun Gong shared how she took the path of cultivation and actively participated in Fa-validation projects. The practitioners' speeches were so sincere and moving that the attendees gave them warm applause from time to time.

Ms. Liu, who participated in the Fa conference preparation work, said that everyone cherishes the annual Mid-USA Fa Conference, as it is a good opportunity to recall the path we have taken and the path of our Fa-validation. It helps us to find where we fall short, and become more diligent.

Mr. Xu also participated in the Fa Conference preparation work. He said that the Fa Conference is a form of cultivation that Master has left for us. This year's Fa conference is regional. He felt warm when hearing practitioners who he is familiar with share their cultivation experiences and understandings. Practitioners' sincere sharing will play a role in the region's Fa-validation projects.

Falun Gong practitioners do the exercises in front of the Chicago Water Tower


Practitioners hold a march in downtown Chicago

One day before the Fa conference, on November 6, practitioners held a group practice and march. After the group practice, the march set off from the Water Tower, proceeded through the busy Michigan Boulevard, and reached its destination at the Chinese Consulate. Many people watched along the parade route, carefully reading the messages exposing the CCP's persecution on the banners, and some people applauded to express their support for Falun Gong. Practitioners performed their group exercises once again in front of the Chinese Consulate, protesting the CCP's eleven-year long brutal persecution.