(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of October 26, 2010, Jinzhou City police arrested eleven Falun Gong practitioners, including Qu Wei, Li Xin, Xia Mingxia, Yang Yuhua, Kong Fanrong, Wang Yunping, Ai Xia, Qi Xiaohong, and Tang Jiwen. Qi Xiaohong was not even allowed to put shoes on and Tang Jiwen's home was ransacked.

At 10 p.m., officers from the Beijie Police Station, Jinzhou Public Security Bureau broke into Li Xin's home. Li Xin, Qu Wei, Zeng Liang and two other practitioners were arrested. At the same time, officers from the Jinhua Police Station, Jinzhou Public Security Bureau broke into the home of and arrested practitioner Da Hong.

Both actions were planned by the Domestic Security Agency of Jinzhou Public Security Bureau, the 610 Office, and the Linghe Police Department. Officers from Guta Police Department, and Zhengda, Liuhua, Raoyang, Nanshan, Tianan, and Beijie Police Stations followed the practitioners home, broke in once they were inside, and took away personal belongings while arresting the practitioners.

Currently, the practitioners are illegally jailed in Jinzhou City Detention Center.