(Clearwisdom.net) The weather is turning cold in Europe. Before the tourist season ended, an increase in funding for certain tour groups from Mainland China had busloads of high ranking officials traveling to Europe to shop and sightsee.

They were carefree, seemed no longer afraid, and communicated well. Some of them would not even pick up our truth clarification material, saying simply, "I already know about this. Just help me quit the CCP now." After they registered to quit, they thanked the volunteers wholeheartedly, saying, "I feel better now and I know that the trip will be a good one."

In the past, many tourists avoided Falun Gong. Now, many of them come to ask questions, mostly to offer greetings to our Master, and some ask for Falun Gong informational material.

Bless Falun Gong!

The bus door opened, and a tour guide came down first and greeted the volunteers, "All those present today are Party officials; I will leave them to you now." He held out his hands and said, "Give me a leaflet first."

Among the two dozen people that followed him, someone asked, "What are the brochures about?" The volunteers responded, "The most recent special editions, about the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, Jiang Zemin being sued outside of China, the stone with words carved by nature in Guizhou..." He said, "Give me one of each." Witnessing what he did, most of the other tourists also extended their hands, and some even got upset if they did not get one.

One person said, "The environment is great here with the air so clean and fresh. Truly, no sum of money can buy this! You are very lucky. We live in hot water back home." The volunteer asked, "Why?" He replied, "Back home, things only look good on the outside, but nothing is reliable. The air, water, food, vegetables, milk products, daily necessities--they are all either poisonous or unsafe to eat or use. We live in such a poisoned environment, no wonder people get sick. You look so healthy, I really envy you."

The volunteer said, "The natural and social environments here are much better than in Mainland China, and the quality of life is also better. But no matter how good the environment is, a human being still has to go through birth, aging, illness, and death. I have lived here for a number of years and I used to have all sorts of illnesses. Practicing Falun Gong has changed my tiresome and bitter life as my illnesses have disappeared. I used to walk with a cane at the age of 50. I would often sprain my ankles and even fractured a bone once. At that time, I looked as if I was in my 70s. Now I actually am in my 70s and I no longer need a cane. I can climb a mountain. Everyone says I look as if I am in my 50s." The tourists surrounding him said, "Wow, you don't look you are in your 70s at all. How healthy you must be!"

One gentleman looked at the volunteer and asked, "Are you really in your 70s? I don't believe you!" The volunteer said, "I cultivate Falun Gong and I do not lie. What we cultivate is Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." The gentleman asked, "Do you have any identification?" The volunteer smiled and took it out to show to him. The gentleman exclaimed, "Wow, this is amazing. I believe you, but it is incredible!" The practitioner said, "Please remember the wonder of Falun Dafa!"

One fellow standing nearby said, "The Communist Party is extremely evil! Falun Gong is so great, but the Party persecutes them. Everyone knows that Falun Gong can promote health and eliminate illness. Falun Gong practitioners are good people. Still, the CCP will not allow them to practice and persecutes them to the point of death. Don't you see how awful the CCP is!" Another tourist said, "The view here is great and the mountains and the river look so clean and beautiful. I am not happy because I have all kinds of illnesses. It would be so great if I could practice Falun Gong!" One person suggested to him, "Find the book first and follow the video to exercise at home. Nobody will know."

Another person said, "We are very clear about what Falun Gong is and what the CCP is." The volunteer said, "Even though you got to come on this tour using public funds, and the CCP seems to treat you right, you are still very clear about the nature of the CCP, let alone those suppressed by the CCP." They said, "Among ordinary citizens, who is not sick of the CCP? Taking a trip on public funds, what does that count for? Those upper level officials, they have been corrupted to the extreme." The volunteer suggested that the person quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Shortly after, everyone on the entire bus quit the CCP. When they said goodbye, someone said, "We wish you a long and prosperous life!" One person nearby said, "Falun Gong practitioners all live a long life." They all said, "Bless Falun Gong!"

Tourists Ask Each Other, "Have You Quit?"

They told the volunteer that those who had come back from Europe all talked about quitting the CCP and asked each other whether they had quit. They added, "It is not easy to have an opportunity like this, and you don't want to miss out and then regret it!"

One of his friends had gone out of the country and did not quit. He greatly regretted it when he returned home. He found out that all the tourists in his tour group had quit, including the tour guide. He regretted it, saying, "I am such a fool. Someone did ask me to quit, but I avoided him and did not reply. It seemed that everyone knew that they needed to quit except me."

The volunteer told this tourist, "If you go home and see your friend, ask him to write an announcement to quit the CCP. It will work when you post it in public, as God only sees your heart. You can post it in a public place such as a bus station, supermarket, government building, school, or company--as long as it is a place where people can see it. Or write it on paper currency and spend it. Later, when you meet someone like us in China, ask the person to register the withdrawal on The Epoch Times website. I hope you will collect the names of those who want to quit the CCP. Take the list with you when you travel abroad, and find volunteers to help you."

The volunteer pointed to The Epoch Times newspaper where it published the number of people who have quit the CCP. She said, "If you declare that you quit the CCP today, I will register your name online and it will be added to the total. Fifty to sixty thousand people quit a day. When heaven eliminates the CCP, they will be safe. What a blessing! When you help people quit the CCP, you are doing a kind deed and accumulating virtue for yourself. You will have good fortune." The tourist smiled and said, "I know what to do now. What a great idea, and thank you for informing me about such an important matter. I will share my fortune with you someday." The volunteer was also happy for him, "God will balance out everything."

A Sarcastic Man and His Wife Also Quit the CCP

One man pointed to the informational material and asked the volunteer, "Why do you hand these out? You are smearing our country! Who is paying you? Where do you come from?" The volunteer answered, "Taiwan." He asked, "If the United States invades China, who are you going to support?" The volunteer replied, "The United States has never invaded China, and it never will. During the second World War, the US supported us greatly in resisting the Japanese invasion and this is a historic fact. The so-called 'support Korea to resist America' was initiated by Jin Richeng. The Chinese Communist Party helped an evil man wage an unjust war. And it was the United Nations' decision to keep the peace in Korea."

Another volunteer who came from Mainland China asked, "You want to see if we still love our country?" He opened a special edition about Jiang Zemin giving the Russians land equivalent to eleven Taiwans and said, "Jiang Zemin is the one who has betrayed his country; we are merely exposing his betrayal. Do you think this is unnecessary? Are we smearing China or exposing the dark side of the CCP? Don't you think this shows we love our country?" Most of the tourists were nodding their heads. The other tourist stopped talking.

The volunteer said, "We make these brochures with our own money; we do not accept any money from any organizations. The contents are not propaganda; all the information is factual and truthful, which you will not see in China. We clarify the many lies spread by the CCP and let Chinese citizens know the truth and the facts. It is very important for them to choose right from wrong." The tourist looked ashamed.

His last question was, "Will I be safe after I quit the CCP?" He listened to the answer and bowed deeply. The tourist thanked the volunteer for helping him to quit the CCP using the name of "Manfushun." He called his wife over to quit, too.