Greetings Teacher! Greetings fellow practitioners!

I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. I am very thankful to the Minghui website for hosting this Internet Fa conference for practitioners in Mainland China, providing them with an opportunity to share their cultivation experiences and upgrade together as one body. I would like to share the following experiences in clarifying the facts and saving sentient beings in my workplace.

Since the persecution of Falun Dafa began in 1999, I've changed my employment to different companies after every one or two years. I know that from Teacher's compassion, many sentient beings were arranged to come close to me for salvation. Through truth-clarification, many of them have been saved. However, there are still people who are unable to accept the truth in varying degrees. As time passes, I tend to get used to such outcomes, without realizing that my numbness is actually an acknowledgment of the old forces' interference.

This passive state underwent a major breakthrough, thanks to a Taiwanese practitioner. The story began like this: I was once working as the director of marketing for an advertisement firm of about 50 employees. One day, one of my colleagues told me that someone was talking about Falun Gong in the company's computer "overseas chat room." I went to take a look, and saw a practitioner from Taiwan who was using a chat tool to clarify the facts to people in Mainland China. Several colleagues came by the computer and engaged in the discussion. One colleague said: "Your associate is talking about quitting the CCP. She's talking like you. Do you want to say 'hi' to her?" After they left, I started talking with this practitioner: "I am a Dafa particle, too. Overseas practitioners' truth-clarification efforts have helped practitioners in Mainland China tremendously." She asked me how many people in my company had already quit the CCP. I replied that it was about half of them. I thought that convincing half of my colleagues to quit the CCP in a short time was a pretty good result, and hoped that she would praise me for doing a good job. Nonetheless, she immediately said: "It is still not enough. You have to get them all to quit." All of a sudden, I was awakened. She was right! I had to help them to quit. I knew that I could do it, provided that I put in the effort. But have I really put in my best effort? Several years have come and gone, thinking that I've been doing the three things well, and therefore lax in seeking breakthroughs. How hidden were my human attachments?

From that day on, I was determined to put in more effort to save all sentient beings in my company. I found a roster of all company employees and began marking it. For example: I marked a "1" next to the names of employees who had already quit the CCP; a "0" for those whom I had clarified the truth to, but hadn't withdrawn from the CCP. I left open those that I hadn't explained the facts about Falun Dafa. Then, I tried to clarify the truth to my colleagues and persuade them to quit to the CCP whenever I had an opportunity. At first, I encountered a lot of difficulties in the process. Some people understood the truth easily after a short talk and quit the CCP immediately, while others needed more time and patience. Surprisingly, I didn't find it very difficult in the end. The more I practiced, the better I got and the more confidence I had. I knew that this was Teacher's encouragement, reminding me to do better. In just one year when I left the company, I managed to convince almost all my colleagues to quit the CCP. I didn't give up on those more difficult people who eventually quit the CCP due to later contact with me.

Some Understandings I Have Enlightened to During This Period of Time

1. There was a special feature about clarifying the truth in the company, that is, employees in my department tended to be more receptive of the truth because I was their boss, and employees in other departments were more difficult. The ones who had the most difficult time accepting the truth were from the management level. Since competition was tough, everyone was busy with their own work, and didn't seem to care about others' business. I remembered that even after I was in the company for some time, I couldn't manage to break through this situation. One time, there was a meeting for the branch managers at the headquarters. Seven or eight of us were having dinner together. As I was preparing to take this opportunity to explain the truth to them, I felt a wave of intense compassion coming from the bottom of my heart. After clarifying the truth, I looked at them and said: "Do you know that what I just told you is from my sincere heart?" One person didn't hear me clearly so I repeated. No one spoke a word for five minutes, as if they were restricted by some forces. From that moment forward, they all were willing to listen to what I told them. Teacher said:

"Compassion can harmonize Heaven and Earth, ushering in spring

Righteous thoughts can save the people in this world" ("The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos" from Hong Yin Volume II)

2. During the truth-clarification process, I came to understand that as long we really tried hard to save people, we could feel Teacher's ingenious arrangement for us. When we first passed out the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and asked people to quit the CCP, it was difficult for them because of their stubborn notions. One day, we came back from a meeting in Jinan while it was snowing. As I started my car, I saw a newspaper that had been stuck between the wipers, and asked my colleague to remove it. Several days later, this colleague said to me: " Now I believe what you said. The CCP is very wicked. The other day you asked me to take out the paper from the wipers, and I found a CD with it, so I went home and watched it. What it said was so true." I was delighted, thinking that practitioners in Jinan were doing such a great job. I told him: "What you saw was one of the Nine Commentaries series; I'll give you a book to read. I am sure you will understand more after that." After watching the Nine Commentaries and with my further truth-clarification, he quit the CCP.

On another occasion, I was having dinner with a few friends from Jinan. One lady said that she'd met an "old Falun Gong lady" a few days ago who told her that divine beings would eliminate the CCP, and asked her to quit the Party. She felt she was getting into a political discussion and ran away, feeling scared. I quickly clarified the truth to her and explained why the woman was trying to persuade people to quit the CCP. In the end, she said: "Ah, that was it. I will quit then."

Through these two incidents, I sincerely felt that practitioners in China and overseas were truly one body. Teacher is doing Fa-rectification and we, Fa-rectification period practitioners, are assisting Him. Teacher is doing all the tasks, and we are just using our best abilities to harmonize what He wants. When we walk our paths righteously and show our sincere hearts in saving beings, Teacher will make arrangements for us.

3. Teacher said:

"You are cultivators, whose conduct is [supposed to be] pure and righteous. There are so many people who think you're great just by having seen how you act. If we don't pay attention to our own behavior in our daily lives, everyday people will see our actions and, since they can't get to know you at a deep level such as by studying the Fa, they will just look at how you act. And it's possible that one sentence or one action of yours will make them unsavable or create a bad impression of Dafa." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston")

I took Teacher's words into my heart and I always reminded myself to balance the relationship with non-practitioners according to the standards of Dafa, and do a good job in my ordinary work. During the process, I realized that when I really did a good job in my ordinary work, the environment around me changed in a positive direction, which in turn strengthened my truth-clarification efforts.

Mr. Zhang, director of the administration, was a very stubborn person. A person like him doesn't change his notions easily once they were formed. When I first tried to clarify the truth to him, it was impossible for him to understand it. One day, our company hosted a meeting at the headquarters. We had a chance to all be in the same place. The lodging conditions weren't so good, since there no one took care of the place. I started cleaning it as the others played poker. I also offered to drive the others; I always cleaned the car first so that the passengers would have a more comfortable place to sit. Everyone felt very happy as soon as they got in the car, and even praised my good driving skills. After we returned from the meeting, Mr. Zhang came to see me and said: "Brother, I just want to tell you I was very impressed by what you did for us in the meeting. I have never seen anyone as good as you. You are a very dependable person and I now believe whatever you've told me." During those days, he told everyone that he saw how good a person I was, how I cleaned up the car, etc. Later when I clarified the truth to him again, he accepted it without any objections.

Xiao Li was a computer engineer in the company. People said that those working in the Information Technology department were very arrogant. When I first explained the truth to him, he didn't appear interested. One day, the company car was taken to the vehicle administration department for inspection. The driver told me that the car had three speeding tickets connected to it, and a fine of 600 yuan which had to be paid. According to company policy, the driver was responsible for all violations. He became very nervous. Since I used the company car frequently, I quickly went to check all the records and found that those violations occurred at the time when I was using the car, so I remitted the fine promptly. After this incident, Xiao Li told me: "Many people have used the car before and no one has admitted their violations. Since we didn't catch anyone, the company paid the fine." Since that incident, Xiao Li always liked talking to me. After I clarified the truth to him, he immediately quit the CCP. He also helped me install the Internet software which allowed people to freely surf the web. One day, his wife saw me and said: "Xiao Li doesn't like to socialize with people, but he always speaks highly about you at home. He has even become a happier person with a more pleasant personality [since knowing you]." I knew that this was the blessing that Dafa brought to people who learned the truth.

A few years ago, I tried to clarify the facts to an acquaintance. He said: "Don't talk anymore! There is a person in my building who claimed to practice Falun Gong. I don't see any good in him..." I felt that we, as Falun Gong practitioners, must be responsible to the Dafa and sentient beings. Non-practitioners observe how we perform. If we have positive images and what we say has merit, it really has a positive effect in saving people.

4. During the process of saving people, I always felt that our great compassionate Teacher was present with me. When I fulfilled the vow to save people, Teacher always helped me. In fact, under the encouragement of overseas practitioners, I was determined to help all my colleagues in the company quit the CCP. I didn't think too much about anything. In fact, I found it to be quite difficult in the end. People in mainland China have a lot of deep resentment toward each other, and, because they have been poisoned by the party culture, their moral standards are very low. They always put their personal interests first, and everyone is very defensive. They are interested in fighting for personal gain and interest. This is especially the case in the workplace. To save them, I must guide them slowly, step by step according to their level of understanding. Especially for those at the management level, when you infringe on their personal interests or notions, they build a very strong resistance, making it even more difficult to break through.

I remembered that there were only two people left in my department who hadn't quit the CCP. Because they had good relationships with the headquarters management, they didn't think that I took good care of them. Because of this, they were not very cooperative with me at work and even created trouble for me. Teacher said:

"I told you a long time ago that a Dafa disciple, or a cultivator, has no enemies. The only thing you have a role in is saving people..." ("Teaching the Fa in the City of Chicago")

I enlightened that I wouldn't compromise my great mission of saving sentient beings with resentment. But still, when we saw each other, I still felt awkward and didn't want to start a conversation with them. When I was preparing to leave the company, I felt that this urgent matter had to be resolved. In actuality, the process of truth-clarification is also a cultivation process. As long as I do things according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, I will be able to do a good job. I called one of them to my office. I thought that I would thoroughly clarify the truth to her by putting myself into her shoes and talking to her with compassion. In the end, I said: "Whether you believe in the existence of an afterlife or not, let me tell you, in one of your lifetimes, we were relatives." I may have touched a deep side of her, as she was very moved and said: "I believe what you just told me. Please help me to quit."

I had some conflicts with another young man. I knew that this was due to my inability to tolerate the subordinate that caused these problems between us. After I left the company, I met up with him again and admitted all my faults. Finally, I managed to help him quit the CCP.

5. Truth can bring people blessings and happiness. My colleagues' lives underwent positive changes because of the truth. They lived harmoniously and in good spirits. The company experienced rapid growth and profits doubled.

There are still many areas where I fall short. I hope that through this experience sharing, we can encourage each other and do better in our paths to assist Teacher in Fa-rectification. Teacher said:

"The focus for you right now is simply to find ways to do better, to be more efficient, to have a greater impact, and to save more people." ("Fa Teaching at the U.S. Capital")

Thank you Teacher! Thank you fellow practitioners!