(Clearwisdom.net) My mother is over seventy years old. Before she retired, she worked at a hospital as a medical doctor. After years of overwork, she ended up with many illnesses. The pain from having gallbladder stones had left her in agony. In 2004, she had surgery to remove part of her gallbladder. Even after that, for over half a year she had pain in her chest and back. Earlier this year, she was again diagnosed with gallbladder stones. She was almost passing out from the intense pain. Everyone in the family was anxious for her. This time, my sister (also a practitioner) and I tried to talk to my mother again, reasoning with her, "If you wanted, you could go to Beijing and have another surgery. But let's not talk about how much it will cost-- think about how painful it will be to go through another surgery? Can you endure it? Who can guarantee that you won't have another relapse?"

My mother thought about it quietly. Finally she decided to give Falun Gong a try, and started to learn the exercises. When she read Zhuan Falun, she noticed that whenever she finished reading one line, the next line would light up. She thus didn't need to use her reading glasses. Soon, she finished reading the entire book for the first time. She said excitedly, "It is really amazing!" I told her, "Master is encouraging you, make good use of your time to cultivate!"

After over ten days of studying the Fa and doing the exercises, my mother went to the hospital for another exam. Incredibly, all the stones in her gallbladder tube and gallbladder had disappeared. After the exam, my mother had more confidence in Master and Dafa. A month later, she had another ultrasound and MRI, and found out that an 0.8mm stone in her liver had also disappeared.

Now that my mother is completely healed from gallbladder stones, everyone in our family is overjoyed. We thank Falun Dafa for saving her life and are grateful for Master's mercy. Everyone in the family has withdrawn from the Communist Party and its affiliated organizations.