(Clearwisdom.net) Utilizing the legal system to counteract the persecution in Mainland China involves many considerations: denouncing the persecution, making efforts to resist and stop the persecution, and exposing the persecution. But the fundamental questions are: How and why should this be done?

1. What does this entail?

As soon as this question is raised, many practitioners immediately think of hiring a lawyer to enter a not-guilty plea. As I see it, however, pleading innocent is not the best way to use the legal system to counteract the persecution.

Why should Dafa practitioners not plead innocent? Because doing so places Dafa practitioners on the defensive, and they are not law-breakers, so no defense ought to be necessary.

The prosecution of practitioners is based on illegal police arrests. Dafa practitioners' utilization of the law to oppose the persecution should take the form of filing lawsuits against the police regarding their illegal arrests and against the procurators for illegally prosecuting them.

Dafa practitioners should not plead innocent because their belief in the Buddha Fa, exposing the evil persecution and inspiring people's conscience and kindness are rights guaranteed by the Chinese Constitution. The communist regime and Jiang Zemin's political collaborators are the real law-breakers and criminals. They must be brought to justice.

In my opinion, these are the righteous thoughts and understandings Dafa practitioners must possess when counteracting the persecution.

2. Why use the law?

As my understanding, laws exist these days for Dafa. With Master's guidance, Dafa practitioners determine everything for the future. If we cannot use the law in a righteous and appropriate way to work against the persecution, to validate the Fa and offer sentient beings salvation, but let the evil pretend to use the law unchecked to undermine Dafa, persecute practitioners and sentient beings, then the evil would succeed and destroy this realm on humanity's level.

Habitual ways of thinking accumulated from long ago in Chinese people's minds cause them to immediately condemn someone as a bad person if that someone is sued or tried in court, or was summoned by a governmental agency, or was held in a detention center and prison, regardless of the actual circumstances, or whether or not that person is guilty as charged.

But the majority of Chinese citizens seldom ask themselves whether or not people who have been sentenced or detained actually broke any law.

Historically famous general Yue Fei and other righteous and upright people were subjected to persecution at the hands of crafty and fawning people such as Qin Hui and were found guilty, then detained and tortured to death. The Chinese Communist Party has turned the land of China into hell on Earth. Numerous good people have been labeled as class enemies and counter-revolutionaries and subjected to political persecution. These people are not bad people who broke the law. Truly bad people and criminals are people like Qin Hui and rulers of the evildoing Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that persecute good people.

The CCP has misled the Chinese people who are convinced that it is illegal to practice Falun Gong. That has created a negative impression of Dafa in people's minds. That is how the evildoers achieve their malicious persecution goals.

We should make it clear that the CCP is an evil cult that should be completely eliminated; that persecuting Dafa and practitioners is truly committing crimes; that Jiang's political group is a criminal group that continually sabotages implementation of state law. By doing so, we can help people distinguish good from evil, become aware of the facts, quit the CCP, and finally have a chance for a good future. Only then have we achieved our ultimate goal of utilizing the law to counteract the persecution and offer salvation to sentient beings.