(Clearwisdom.net) In 12 days, I will have cultivated for two years. Recalling the days that I was critically ill two years ago, I cannot hold back my tears. In these two short years, I've had the good fortune to receive Teacher's blessings. No words can express my gratitude for our revered Teacher, only my firm cultivation in Dafa. I would like to share with you the experience of my miraculous recovery.

Desperately Ill and in Physical Torment, I Begin Trying Falun Gong

In August 2008 after several hours of open chest surgery, I was taken from the operating room to an intensive care unit while I was still unconscious. At the age of 60 the operation left me with all kinds of complications. My every illness became intensified, and I had problems with my respiratory system, my digestive system, and my reproductive system. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and an irregular heartbeat. I couldn't eat, so I was frail. I had difficulty breathing and had tracheitis. I had constipation, insomnia, and frequent dreams. I would frequently begin dreaming soon after falling asleep, then wake suddenly. I took over a dozen kinds of pills and medications from morning to night, and my medical expenses were two to three thousand yuan each month.

Seeing how I was so tormented day after day, many of my friends and relatives started to recommend Falun Gong to me. Because I had never believed in Buddhas or Gods since my youth and I feared the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), I always rejected the idea without hesitation. I'd gotten quite a lot of truth clarification materials in the past, but I always threw them in the trash without reading them much. I'd also gotten phone calls before from those who tried to clarify the truth to me, but I always hung up right away. How I really regret it today.

After ten months of suffering, not only was I not getting any better, but I became more and more economically stressed. It was really in a situation of complete hopelessness that I began trying Falun Gong. It's like what Teacher said:

"He does not believe in qigong, but he cannot guarantee that he will not become ill. When he becomes ill, he will go to the hospital. When a doctor of Western medicine cannot cure him, he will go to see a doctor of Chinese medicine. When the doctor of Chinese medicine also cannot cure the illness and when no special prescription works, he will then think of qigong." (Zhuan Falun)

A Miracle after Just One Week of Practice

Utterly without hope, I made the decision with my husband to try practicing Falun Gong for a week. If my situation did not improve, I would immediately head to Beijing for more medical treatment. We made the decision to only practice in secrecy, fearing persecution by the CCP. But who could we turn to who would teach us how to practice? I was afraid of letting local practitioners know of this, so I decided to ask a relative for help. The next day she arrived before I even had a chance to call her. I greeted her at my door. She asked me if I really wanted to practice. I replied that I did. She quickly began teaching me the first exercise. I thought to myself that I should seriously give this a try to confirm if it worked, to see if there was any improvement in one week. At the time my relative was busy, so she left after only teaching me the first exercise. I practiced the first exercise over and over again, and something totally unexpected happened the next day. I should first explain that in 2001 I was diagnosed with a lump in my stomach resulting in bloody stools ever since. After three years on medication, the pain finally went away, but I continued to have bloody stools over the next eight years. The following day, for the first time in eight years, I noticed that my stool was normal again.

I was so excited that I knelt on my bed and gratefully kowtowed to Teacher. From that day forward, my faith in the practice increased by a hundred fold. Within one week, my insomnia, frequent dreams, and abnormal sweating all disappeared.

I No Longer Needed Any Medicine after One Month of Practice

I practiced the first exercise for one week in secret, afraid that others might find out that I practiced Falun Gong, afraid of persecution by the CCP. Then something extraordinary happened that I couldn't clearly explain. Perhaps I was more worried about my own survival at the time. After all, what did it matter if I couldn't live? So I became determined and went out to seek other practitioners in the area and learned all five of the exercises. With their patient assistance, I began walking the path of cultivation, a path of light, a path of good health, a path of happiness, and a path that I will never turn my back on.

The veteran practitioner who assisted me guided and looked out for me each step of the way in my cultivation. In particular she enlightened me on the subject of medicine and cultivation. She told me,

"Teacher never said to cultivate means not to take medicine, but, rather, that medicine suppresses illnesses inward while cultivation expels them outward." I thought to myself, "I have already experienced how powerful Teacher's Dafa can be, so there is no reason I shouldn't trust the Fa that Teacher has taught. While Teacher has been expelling illnesses out of my body, I have been taking medicine to suppress them. How could that work?" I immediately decided to cease taking medicine. However, I told my husband after returning home, and he disagreed, saying, "You can't do that. With your high blood pressure, heart problems, and tumors, you will die without medicine!" To keep my husband from worrying, I pretended to agree with him, although I quietly stopped taking medicine afterward. At first I was nervous. I waited a day and observed that I did not have any negative reactions. It was fine the second day as well. Then three, four days passed. Finally, after ten days, not only had my illnesses not worsened, but my body felt lighter and lighter. It was then I finally told my husband.

After practicing for one month, I threw out all my medications. Every day I practiced the exercises and studied the Fa without slacking off. Many of my health conditions, including bronchitis, high blood pressure, heart disease, cervical lumbar problems, spinal hyperplasia, sciatic nerve pain, etc. all went away without notice. My gynecological problems, including uterine fibroids, were also gone after one year. Other than twice resorting to laxatives for my constipation due to my early lack of understanding at the time, in these two years I have never needed medicine. Instead, my body toughened. I've never felt this good in many years, and I am truly happy.

With Steadfast Belief in Teacher and Dafa, I Pass the Trial of Sickness Karma

After seeing my conditions improve, some of the patients that I met at the hospital also became interested in the practice. At one time, three other practitioners came and studied the Fa with me at my home. After two months my husband one day became fearful and told them not to come anymore. I did not say anything at the time, and so they stopped coming. Soon after, the irregularity in my heartbeat suddenly worsened. For the next three days, I couldn't move, chew, or swallow; I was weak all over. Because my enlightenment quality was poor at the time, I thought my condition resulted from overworking, so I just stayed in bed. Only after studying the Fa did I later realize Teacher was dissolving my karma. Everyone in my family wanted me to go to a hospital, but I was adamant that I was fine and would recover within days. But after three days there were no signs of improvement, so I began searching inward: in the last several days none of the other practitioners had come to study the Fa with me. This was affecting my health. I didn't think I could bear this any longer. I quickly persuaded my husband to allow these practitioners into our home to resume Fa study. I felt gravely ill at the time, so I said to him, "Take me to the hospital if it doesn't look like I can make it. Don't let me die at home. Don't let this smear the reputation of Falun Gong. Falun Gong is a good practice. If I pass away it's only because I didn't study the Fa or do well enough. Do you understand?" My husband nodded. That night my elder sister came over and slept next to me. She noticed the unevenness in my breathing. Afraid that I might die in my sleep, she gently woke me and said, "Little Sister, we have to get you to the hospital. Your breathing is very irregular, this is serious." But at the time I felt as light as the day and simply replied "Sister, I'm fine. I feel light. Just get some sleep. Everything will be fine tomorrow." Just like that, I fell asleep. I woke at daybreak and got out of bed with energy.

Another incident occurred in July 2009 in the heat of summer. I felt again that my heartbeat was becoming irregular, which lasted for about a week. So I again searched inward. A while before I had a friend who wanted to practice Falun Gong. I agreed to help teach him, but because the weather was so hot, I was putting it off. I wanted to wait until my heart problem got better before I went. I understood that this was something I should have done but didn't, so I immediately decided that no matter how hot it was, no matter how bad my heart was, I had to go help him, I had to do what I should do. That night my heart rhythm suddenly stabilized: it was miraculous. The next day was over 100 degrees, but I didn't mind traveling and going about the entire day. I didn't have any problems with my heart.

In My Dreams Teacher Cleanses My Body

In my cultivation, Teacher came to cleanse my illnesses in my dreams on two occasions. The first time was after two to three months of practice. I dreamed that a doctor was delivering an infant for a pregnant woman. I was next to him, acting as his assistant. The amniotic fluid on the infant splashed over me. I immediately vomited. I kept vomiting until I finally threw up a pair of sarcomas hanging out of my mouth. With my left hand I yanked them out of my mouth. From that moment on, the soreness and pain in my neck was considerably better. The sore in the back of my tongue also disappeared.

One night around May 2010, I dreamed that a round, wormlike creature was crawling halfway out of my rectum. I was in a panic. I wrapped the creature with a towel and attempted to drag it out. The creature had a long body, with a head and legs, and it was alive. I pulled out two of them. As I was pulling out the third one, its body snapped in half, and its head didn't come out. I understood that Teacher was cleansing and removing the bad entities from my body, but parts of it still remained. It remained for me to continually make improvement before it could be completely cleansed.

These were the experiences of Teacher removing my illnesses in these two years. I am actually very excited and feel it all to be very miraculous, but it's hard to express in words. Before, I was afraid to write this, but I knew I had to overcome those fears. Today I am starting to pay attention to my every thought. Several days ago I was on my way to retrieve some informational materials. I noticed it was windy outside and I subconsciously picked up my hat. I thought I was worried about the wind and that I would get sick. Suddenly I felt something wasn't right. Why couldn't I place my faith in Teacher and the Fa? Was I afraid of becoming ill? Was I still like the old me?! I immediately took off my hat and went out against the wind without any hesitation. The old me would never have done this.

I know I am still far behind. I may still have lingering attachments to practicing Dafa for the sake of treating my illnesses. Sometimes I have felt like slackening, but when I thought about my health, I immediately became alert again. I was fundamentally still practicing for my health. I believe this to be the fundamental reason for my bodily discomforts from time to time. When I eliminate this attachment, my body will be completely cleansed.

As my understandings are limited, please kindly point out any of my shortcomings.