(Clearwisdom.net) Today is China's Moon Festival day. On behalf of our Fa-study group, a week ago I sent our Moon Festival greeting card to Master via the Clearwisdom website. The minute I came home, I opened the computer and checked Clearwisdom for our greeting card. To my chagrin, it wasn't published.

I admired the pretty Moon Festival greeting cards, and I couldn't help but complain in my mind, "Although my card wasn't as professional and pretty as the others, it represented sincere respect toward Master from our Fa-study group!" It didn't take long for me to become depressed, eliminating the happy feeling from downloading Moon Festival greeting cards from my hundred-plus colleagues. It seemed as though my xinxing had suddenly changed, which was rather unusual. I double-checked the e-mail I sent to Clearwisdom. Well, there was my error. I put my name in the area of "to" and not "from." Now I felt so ashamed.

Although, it wasn't a big deal, I had found an attachment that I hadn't noticed before. It was an attachment of thinking that I was infallible, and reminded me that I had experienced this attachment before, at work and together with family members. I was always overconfident and didn't think I could do anything wrong. I often thought, "How could I have messed up with such a small matter?" or "Nothing could go wrong if I am involved." Sometimes, things didn't really go as I wished, showing clearly that I wasn't infallible. But I always neglected to look within and eliminate these notions. Instead, I covered up my mistakes and wasn't willing to acknowledge it and learn my lesson.

Prior to cultivating Dafa, I was inarticulate, introverted, and a very "stupid" person. I even didn't know how to buy vegetables when I was younger, and I did poorly on school exams. I developed an inferiority complex. Yet I totally changed after becoming a practitioner with the help of my mother.

Within just a year's time after practicing Falun Dafa, I began doing a great job at work. My father used to call me scatterbrained, but I now did such a good job that my bosses and colleagues gave me a thumbs-up. As a practitioner, I realized that Teacher opened up my wisdom and helped me do a much better job.

Even after gaining physical and mental health from practicing Falun Dafa, I didn't rationally understand the supernormal nature and beauty of Falun Dafa. Instead, I thought of myself as being infallible due to my achievements. If it wasn't because of what happened today accidentally, I wouldn't have been able to figure out what I had to let go. Since I have now found it, I have to let go of this attachment by cultivating diligently.