Name: Li Junxia (李军霞)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Address: Family housing of Industrial and Commerce Bank, Hankou District, Wuhan, Hubei Province
Occupation: Unknown
Date of Death: 2009
Date of Most Recent Arrest: December, 2006
Most Recent Place of Detention: A mental hospital in Wuhan
City: Wuhan
Province: Hubei
Persecution Suffered: Forced labor, brainwashing, illegal sentencing, mental hospital, detention

( Ms. Li Junxia was a victim of the persecution of Falun Gong. She had been repeatedly harassed, and developed a mental disorder after the agents of the 610 Office detained her in a mental hospital at the end of 2006. She died after falling from a building in 2009.

Ms. Li kept telling others how she had benefited from practicing Falun Dafa after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began the persecution on July 20, 1999. A retired policewoman reported her and accused her of organizing Falun Gong activities. The police treated it as a primary case. Although they found no evidence, they arrested Ms. Li and sentenced her to twenty-one months of forced labor just for being a practitioner.

In July 2003, agents from the Wuhan 610 Office arrested her in another city, and held her in a brainwashing center in Wuhan. She managed to flee, but she had to stay out of town to avoid further harassment.

Around December 2006, agents of the Wuhan 610 Office found her and arrested her again in Xiamen City, Fujian Province. They first held her in the brainwashing center, then in a mental hospital. They even called her relatives, threatened them, and asked them to pay for her "treatment."

What happened to Ms. Li in the mental hospital is unknown. Her family noticed that she had a mental disorder after she was released. She hid her face in her mother's bosom whenever she heard the sirens of police cars. When they asked what caused the two deep red marks in her ankles, she was scared and did not answer.

She had been monitored by the police since she was released from the mental hospital. She was followed even when she was visiting relatives on holidays.

She died after falling from a building in 2009.