(Clearwisdom.net) I recently came from Mainland China to the United States. I was imprisoned and tortured for four years by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Since my arrival in America, I have been cherishing this opportunity to save sentient beings with a pure heart. I would like to share my recent experiences with fellow practitioners.

Clarify the Truth with a Pure Heart

Teacher said,

"When you go to clarify the truth, only when your mind has stored up ample Fa will you be able to save people. That is when your words will have the power to move them." ("Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference")

I have a deeper understanding of Teacher's words after spending days in front of the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, handing out fliers and talking to people about the facts on Falun Gong. I realized that in order to save sentient beings, we must first have a pure heart when talking to them. Besides "saving sentient beings," there were very few distracting thoughts in my mind when I arrived at the Liberty Bell. I cried when I saw so many people who were waiting to be saved. I focused on each tourist, smiled at them and said sincerely, "May peace and blessings accompany you on your way home." Many of them responded with a smile and gratitude, and took a flier from me. I observed their facial expressions and when I saw an opportunity, I urged the Chinese tourists to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. At the same time, I asked Teacher to help me save them. Many of them quit the Party after I talked to them for a few minutes.

Clarify the Truth According to Each Person's Social Status and Characteristics

I observed people's appearances and looked for their distinct characteristics when handing out fliers. I talked to young people with enthusiasm, "Handsome guys and pretty girls, have you quit the Party yet?" When they heard me calling them handsome and pretty, they would stop and answer my question or inquire about the withdrawals. I would immediately give them a flier and help them quit. When I encountered older folks, I spoke to them politely and said, "I wish you a long and healthy life. Please share the peace and blessings with your grandchildren and bring them prosperity!" They normally listened to me.

Clarifying the Truth to Chinese Government Officials

People who looked like government officials were very careful about their demeanor and did not take any fliers in front of others. I usually watched them quietly and approached them when they were farther away from the crowd. I remained silent and gave them copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Normally, they would take the book and put it in their bags. If I saw them later, I chatted with them casually and calmly, urging them to quit. If they were not against the idea, I would look for their distinct facial features and make positive remarks, such as, "You have the look of a fortunate person" to a man, or "You are a kind lady" to a woman. I continued with, "Kind people should not be deceived by the CCP." They usually told me their surnames when I asked them. Then I would add an auspicious pen name to their surname, and suggest, "Let's use this name to help you quit. And you'll be safe wherever you go." They normally nodded in agreement or expressed words of gratitude.

A Chinese Government Official Quit the CCP After Understanding the Truth

Two days ago I met a government official and talked to him about the natural and man-made disasters in China and the corruption of the CCP. He agreed with me, quit the Party, and thanked me for it. I urged him to help his wife, children, friends and family to quit also, and he agreed.

There was a tourist who looked like a cadre, walking behind a group of other tourists. I approached him and gave him the Nine Commentaries. He took it and asked me for other truth clarification materials. I seized the opportunity and asked him to quit the Party. He gladly agreed and kept thanking me.

One person even said, "You guys are great! China needs people like you to do things like this in China. The Chinese people have suffered so much! They have been deceived by the CCP and don't even know it. The CCP is bound to collapse!" He was a man of high social status. When I shared with him my experience being persecuted for firmly believing in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, he looked at me with sympathy and friendliness. He told me where he came from and added, "I saw through the CCP during the Cultural Revolution." I told him kind people will receive blessings, and he told me that good people will be rewarded.

This Group of Tourists Is so Lucky

In order to save sentient being as required by Teacher, I acted accordingly when I encountered different kinds of people. It is difficult to save people nowadays, and we should clarify the truth to them based on their human notions.

One time, as I neared the Liberty Bell, I saw from afar, a group of tourists embarking their bus, preparing to leave. "Do not miss the opportunity," I thought and ran toward them with a stack of the Nine Commentaries. There were three people who were not on the bus yet. I gave them the books and followed them onto the bus. Wow! The bus was full of Chinese. I spoke loudly as I handed the books to the people on the bus, "Please read the Nine Commentaries. If you leave the U.S. without a copy of the book, then your trip was made in vain. Please take a copy with you and share it with your friends and family. This is the most precious gift! You cannot buy this book in China even if you pay a lot of money. When you share it with others, you will gain a lot of virtue! I wish you all peace and health, and don't forget to quit the CCP to protect yourself! There are so many disasters happening in China now. You will be safe if you quit the CCP now!" I distributed about 40 copies in a few minutes. The driver got on the bus as I got off. And he commented, "Good for you! You even came to the bus to distribute the material!"

There were many cases like this so I won't mention all of them.

The Process of Clarifying the Truth Is the Process of Cultivating Ourselves

I realized that during the process of clarifying the truth, we are also cultivating ourselves. When we let go of human notions and the self, we are expanding our hearts and cultivating forgiveness and compassion. It is a process wherein we elevate our levels. During the truth clarification process, I deeply felt Teacher's magnanimous benevolence.

Through the process of truth clarification, I also understood that it is important to save sentient beings with a pure state of mind. When our hearts are pure, the fields around us are also clean, and the bad elements cannot interfere. Then Teacher can help us, and Dafa will bestow wisdom on us. Even the gods will help us and the effect of saving sentient beings will be better.

The above are my understandings at my level, please kindly point out anything that is inappropriate.