Name: Xin Enhao (辛恩昊)
Gender: Female
Datong City, Shanxi Province
Date of Most Recent Arrest: September 5, 2010
Most recent place of detention: Chenzhuang Detention Center in Datong City (大同市陈庄看守所)
City: Datong
Province: Shanxi
Persecution Suffered: Forced labor, sleep and food deprivation, denial of restroom use, beatings, forced to stand still for a long period of time, force-feedings, solitary confinement.

( In 2001, Xin Enhao went to Beijing to clarify the truth about Falun Gong. Because of this, she was put into the labor camp for 18 months. However, when she had finished serving her illegal sentence, her time was arbitrarily extended. In total, she was in the labor camp for 27 months. In 2006, she was detained again. During the two detentions, she suffered brutal torture. On September 5, 2010, she was arrested for a third time by the Datong Police Bureau, and is being held in the Chenzhuang Detention Center in Datong City.

During the first two detentions, prison officials Meng Hao, Lei Hongzhen and Liu Zhongmei from the Xindian Labor Camp, together with inmates serving their sentences for drug possession and use, tortured Ms. Xin. She was neither allowed to sleep nor go to the bathroom. She was not allowed to eat and drink. When she was thirsty, she was told to drink her urine. They poured cold water all over her, from head to foot, and threw a dog net around her. The police and drug addict inmates beat her all over, and poked needles into her legs and arms. They dragged her head and punched it against the bed frame. Finally, she became incontinent. Her eyelids bled and had to be stitched up.

Ms. Xin was forced to stand facing a wall for an extended period, and was not allowed to make a single movement. As soon as she moved a little bit, the drug addicts punched her genitals and buttocks and inserted bamboo sticks into her vagina, as well as beating her with an iron chair. She was covered all over with cuts and bruises. Her feet were too swollen to fit into her shoes. Her buttocks and lower back were black and blue and her genitals bled and became quite swollen. Her pants were soaked with blood; several washings were still not enough to get all the blood out. Her face was pale and she was very feeble. Finally, the police stopped beating her.

It was snowing heavily one day in the winter of 2003. Meng Hao and Liu Zhongmei enticed the drug addicts to peel off Ms. Xin's coat, who was only wearing a shirt underneath. They poured cold water on her and dragged her out of the room. During the night, they forced her to sleep on the cold floor, with only a thin blanket. She had to sleep with her clothes on. It was very cold and the other inmates still felt cold with two blankets. They did not allow her to sleep before midnight. The police kept torturing her like this for more than two months.

Ms. Xin was unable to walk without pain due to the excessive squatting she was forced to do. Liu Zhongmei ordered that she only have pickled vegetables and one cold bun each day. She forced the whole bun into Ms. Xin's mouth, forcing her to swallow it whole. They threw away the porridge, not letting Ms. Xin eat any of it.

The police and drug addict inmates all said that Ms. Xin smelled bad, so they beat her from the waist down, kicking her abdomen, legs and feet. Ms. Xin was beaten severely and bleed profusely. They tortured her with bamboo sticks. They ordered the drug addicts to watch Ms. Xin 24/7 and force her to stand against the wall all day. She was not allowed to move, and would be beaten for a long time and her clothes stripped from her body if she moved. They put three glass jars onto Ms. Xin's lower abdomen, and took turns stomping on her. The stomping lasted for five or six days until she was bleeding. They stopped at this point and coaxed her to eat. When she ate, they continued the torture until she fainted.

Ms. Xin went on a hunger strike. The police used forced-feeding, containment in a cell, deprived her of sleep, forced labor and other tactics to torture her.

When Ms. Xin's parents visited her in the labor camp, they saw their daughter bony and feeble. They were both sad and angry. The mother was so distraught that she started coughing up blood. She was sent to the hospital.

Datong Police Bureau:
Sun Wenlun, the division director: 86-13383420281(Cell), 86-352-2418163(Home)
Niu Quanxi, the vice division director:86-13383420285(Cell)