Name: Liu Yongying (刘永英)
Gender: Female
Age: 41
Address: Jilin City, Jilin Province
Occupation: Hair salon owner

Date of Most Recent Arrest: July 20, 2009
Most recent place of detention:
Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp (吉林省黑嘴子劳教所)

City: Changchun
Persecution Suffered:
Detention, forced labor, beatings, confined to a death bed, force-feedings, humiliation
Key Persecutors:
Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp guard Xi Guirong and Division No. 3 head Sheng Minglian

( Ms. Liu Yongying from Jilin Province was illegally arrested by officers from the Dadong Police Station on July 20, 2009, while working at her hair salon. After being held in a detention center, she was sentenced to one year and three months of forced labor. She was sent to the Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp in Jilin on August 12, 2009.

As a result of practicing Falun Gong, Ms. Liu was able to quit smoking and gambling, and also improved her health. Since her arrest, her hair salon was forced to close.

Ms. Liu was placed in Division No. 3 of the labor camp, where guard Zang ordered her to wear the prison uniform and cut her long hair. She refused to wear any prison uniform in order to protest unlawful imprisonment.

Under the direction of Division No. 3 head Sheng Minglian, Xi Guirong led two prison guards to forcibly remove Ms. Liu's clothes. Xi pulled her hair, slapped her face and verbally abused her while beating her. Ms. Liu's right ear still hurts and the side of her head is still numb from the beating.

After Ms. Liu was forced to wear the prison uniform, she took it off and put on her own clothes back on. At that point, prison guards asked inmates Sun Fengmin and Li Guixiang to take away her clothes so that she was left in only her underwear. She was then again forced to put on the prison uniform.

Subsequently, the guards asked Ms. Liu if she still wanted to take off the prison uniform. She answered "yes" so they handcuffed her to the bed and didn't allow her to sit up. Two days later, they handcuffed her to a steel bed (otherwise known as the death bed), with her hands cuffed to each end of the bed and her legs tied to the bed with belts.

Since Ms. Liu couldn't eat in this position, guards and inmates force-fed her, making her nose bleed. Ms. Liu weighed less than 40 kg (88 lbs) and experienced severe back pain due to the torture. Inmate Li Guixiang was ordered by the guards to monitor her, and he also participated in the force-feedings.

Ms. Liu's handcuffs was not released even to go to the bathroom, and she was also not allowed to wash herself. When she had to go to the bathroom, the belts tying her to the death bed were loosened so that she could squat on the bed and relieve herself in a bowl. Li Guixiang had to help her to pull her pants up and down, further humiliating her.

Ms. Liu suffered severe physical and mental trauma from this torture, which lasted for 18 days. Under these conditions, the guards coerced her to write the three statements to renounce her belief in Falun Gong. Division No. 3 head Sheng subsequently claimed that the labor camp followed correct procedures in obtaining Ms. Liu's signatures.

Many people within Division No. 3 witnessed Ms. Liu's torture, including several night-shift guards and inmates Sun Fengmin, Li Guixiang, Su Guifang, Liu Junjie, Zhang Yanhua, Zhang Chunmei, Dong Haiqin, Sun Shiyun, Liu Xiuli, Li Xiuli, and Xu Jianxia.