(Clearwisdom.net) When a fellow practitioner is experiencing tribulations, one righteous sentence from another practitioner may strengthen his or her righteous thoughts and help the practitioner pass the test well.

This just occurred in my local area. A practitioner was in charge of making truth-clarification materials. Another practitioner discovered that she was followed by someone and then suggested that that practitioner not go out or go to the materials production site. The practitioner in question had strong righteous thoughts at that time, and said, "I'm not afraid that someone might follow me. Instead, I worry that human attachments can create a false impression. I will look within, send forth righteous thoughts, and go to the site to make truth-clarifying materials as usual."

One day, the practitioner noticed that someone really was following her, and that her "shadow" was her neighbor. She worried, "What to do next? Before this, several coordinators were arrested, and the materials sites were also destroyed. I cannot let anything happen to the current materials production site. This is the only one that is still running in this area. I cannot be scared by the evil." She then shared her thoughts with another practitioner. The practitioner told her, "It doesn't matter! This community is quite complex. Many come to rent houses." By this artless sentence, the practitioner strengthened her righteous thoughts and abandoned the fear. However, she still felt a little pressed. Every day, she studied the Fa first and then went to the materials site.

One day, her neighbor turned off the main power switch. The practitioner called a fellow practitioner, "What should I do if the site has been discovered?" Because it was unsafe to discuss more over the phone, she said, "I have to move." Then the practitioner answered, "That's petty. You will be fine." Just with this sentence, the practitioner thought at that moment that she would be fine! Good or evil comes from that instant thought. Her righteous thoughts were strengthened to face the evil.

If those two fellow practitioners weren't undisturbed and calm; if they felt bad and decided to move immediately, the materials site might have stopped functioning. The practitioner would not have had the strong righteous thoughts to face the evil. Therefore, while a fellow practitioner is experiencing tribulations, how important another fellow practitioner's righteous words are to him or her! I suggest that fellow practitioners share more of their righteous with other practitioners.

The above is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything improper.