Solemn Declaration

Because of strong human attachments and laziness, I failed to cultivate myself or do the three things well over the past many years. When I was persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), I was coerced into saying that I would give up Falun Gong and was videotaped by the authorities while doing so. The headmaster of my school threatened that he would report me to my superiors, have me evicted from my company housing and have my financial resources cut. Giving in to my attachment of being afraid and the desire to pursue a cozy life, I wrote a guarantee statement that I would stand by the CCP's principles and never violate its rules. I have let Dafa down, but I do not want to let go of the precious chance of being saved. I hereby state to all that what I have said and done against Dafa is null and void. From now on, I will do the three things well by letting go of my human attachments and strengthening my righteous thoughts. I will redouble my efforts to compensate for the losses that I have caused to Dafa so that my past disgraces can be washed away.

Li Yingnan

October 2, 2010


Solemn Declaration

In 2005, I was sentenced to forced labor for one year because of my distribution of truth clarification materials. On April 7, 2010, I was arrested by police and sent to a brainwashing center. While there, I was forced to watch, listen to and write materials slandering Dafa and Teacher, and I was forced to disclose the source of the truth clarification materials. Being afraid that I might be abused, and out of my strong human emotion for my family, I said and wrote things against Dafa and Teacher and did things that failed fellow practitioners. I hereby solemnly state to all that what I said and did in the brainwashing center is null and void. I shall restart my cultivation and do well the three things.

Wu Zhengfang

September 15, 2010