(Clearwisdom.net) Recently on the Clearwisdom website, there have been many articles about the relationship between practitioners and coordinators in China, and I would talk about how our local practitioners face this issue.

After the persecution began in 1999, fellow practitioners in our area didn't put enough effort into making Dafa informational materials printing centers flourish on a large scale. Their attitude toward the need for Master's articles, "Clearwisdom Weekly," and truth clarifying materials were to wait, ask, and depend on others. Therefore, practitioners who produced the materials had the final say, and were similar to the main coordinators.

The main coordinators and fellow practitioners had many conflicts too. For one thing, fellow practitioners felt that the truth clarifying materials made by the coordinators were too boring. They wanted to chose more interesting materials, but coordinators didn't support the idea and didn't want to make them. Other practitioners could not do anything about it, and resented the coordinators in their minds. Secondly, some practitioners like to read "Zhengjian Weekly," but the coordinator didn't comply. However, the coordinator made some materials for an elderly practitioner who was successful at getting people to withdraw from the CCP. As a result, some practitioners felt that the coordinators treated practitioners differently. They had complaints but had no one to complain to. Third, in recent years, the articles and sharing submitted to the coordinator by practitioners were never published. It was said that the coordinator types extremely slowly, thus the articles were never submitted. Fellow practitioners had their opinions about this issue, and it was also a cause for the conflict between practitioners and the coordinator.

As a result, some fellow practitioners established another Dafa materials resource center. They worked with the main coordinator and took responsibility for the majority of the local truth clarifying materials. During that time, the main coordinator and the new materials resource center had some disagreements too. The main coordinator later said that the practitioners at the new resource center were not being cooperative. The printing equipment was taken back and the new materials resource center was closed.

We finally realized that continuing in this manner as a whole would not be good, so we organized many study groups. Through group study, we looked inward and eventually found the root of the conflicts between the main coordinator and fellow practitioners.

We discovered that when our fellow practitioners wanted to be a main coordinator, it was usually caused by the dependent nature of his fellow practitioners and their human hearts. Therefore, we had to eliminate our dependency on others and the attachment of wanting to learn things from other human beings. In accordance with Master's expectations, every practitioner will help Master with Fa rectification, do the three things well, and stop and listen to a person's plan. Later, the main coordinator organized a few small experience sharing conferences. We did not attend, and the main coordinator stopped contacting us. This way, we were all able to calm down and think with the Fa in mind. Like this, the title of the main coordinator disappeared in our area.

To follow Master's guidance, we have to start by establishing many material resource centers. Some practitioners started centers at home, and were able to satisfy the need for truth clarifying materials. As a result, the contents of the truth clarifying materials expanded, and the truth clarification efforts became more effective. Even better, the practitioners at the centers improved their speed, and submitting information to the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net) became much more convenient. In less than a year, many sharings from our area were published. An article from our area was selected and published on this World Falun Dafa Day web-based experience sharing activity. This encouraged our local practitioners tremendously and many practitioners stopped feeling inferior, and felt that we had caught up with Master's Fa rectification progress.

We also proactively established many truth clarifying projects. There were many two and three-person teams to distribute the flyers. There were two-person teams to speak the truth about Falun Gong face-to-face with people on the street. Some practitioners established mailing teams, some practitioners organized texting teams, and some put together telephone calling teams.

If a practitioner who got arrested, every Dafa practitioner took action. Some made phone calls, some sent text messages, and some sent righteous thoughts. As a result, the arrested practitioner usually returned quickly. After the incident, regular advice letters were sent to the involved public security authorities long-term. Some police said that you cannot pick on Falun Gong anymore nowadays. The day before the mid-autumn festival this year, two practitioners were talking to a policeman about withdrawing from the CCP. He responded nicely, and thanked our fellow practitioners. However, he went and reported on them right after he left. We all knew about this incident already as these two practitioners arrived at our local police station. Every one of us started doing what we were supposed to do. In addition, since we have been doing the truth clarifying work in our area, many policemen know the truth about Dafa. In the end, we didn't even have to send an arrest report to Minghui, as our fellow practitioners returned safely that same afternoon. As we can see, everyone of us are coordinators. We are more motivated this way, and are more effective at clarifying the truth, thus maintaining straight paths on the cultivation road which Master arranged for us.

In our small city, over a hundred practitioners keep frequent contact with each other, but we do not have a main coordinator. We have no coordinator at all, we just take solid steps and do what we are supposed to do. If difficulties arise, they are resolved within study groups. In addition, every project team quietly cooperates with each other. For instance, if a practitioner talks about how an individual resists the truth, practitioners from other teams quietly help out by doing things such as sending letters, calling, texting, and making opportunities for this individual to listen to the truth.

Furthermore, we also clarify the truth to public security authorities in our neighboring cities. Every team follows them by sending letters, texting, and calling. The effectiveness is very obvious.

Since we eliminated the main coordinator position, many practitioners have opened their hearts and started clarifying the truth. However, we have an unwritten rule, that we can not discriminate or gossip about our last main coordinator. We treat him with compassion. We think about his space too when we send righteous thoughts, and don't allow the old forces to use any excuse to persecute our fellow practitioner. Likewise, this practitioner has also been steadily doing what he is supposed to do. Our relationship is still harmonious.

After cultivating for over ten years, we all know the importance of taking the Fa as our teacher, and our actions have to live up to it. Aside from the coordinators, in the past, the assistants from the Dafa Research Board were always with Master, but Master told us to not mimic those assistants' behavior, as Dafa alone is the standard. After studying the Fa for this many years, we should have matured. We no longer need others to lead us. How would those practitioners who always rely on a coordinator go up to heaven?

Of course, the cultivation state of our local practitioners is very good. Therefore, we don't need a coordinator anyway. However, in those areas where many practitioners have not yet come out, or their cultivation states are not good, then the more dedicated practitioners will need to do more of the work, and those practitioners will naturally become coordinators. Therefore, we cannot deny the effect of coordinators, and we cannot start something new and different, or divide the unity of practitioners.

October 10, 2010