(Clearwidsom.net) I was fortunate to have met Master in 1992 when I attended the first session of Falun Dafa classes held in Guang County, Shandong Province. Master personally hand-wrote the course completion certificates and issued them to us. I was thirty-two years old at that time. I didn't know what cultivation was, but I enjoyed listening to Master's lectures. Every word Master said touched my heart. He spoke the truth that had never been told by anyone, and can't be found in any books. Master used obvious and easy-to-understand language to spell it out, and it cleaned up my mind. I knew this was what I had been waiting for; this was what I had been wanting.

I didn't attend the lecture series until the third day. After listening to the lecture for one and a half days, I went to my mother's place. I told my family that the Master of Falun Gong is here, and explained my understanding of who Master is. "Go attend the class as soon as possible." My sister laughed and told me, "You go ahead and practice it now; I will practice it after you complete your cultivation." My mom laughed and said, "You're making such a fuss." My father and brother echoed her chides. When I found out that I could not persuade them, I then went to my aunt's home. I told them that their diseases could be cured by attending the classes given by Falun Gong's Master. My aunt did not believe me.

When I went to attend the lecture in the evening, Master smiled at me from the podium and told me before the lecture: "For those who don't believe you, you don't need to talk to them about this; they will say you are mentally ill." In fact, Master knew everything I had done.

When the class was over, Master issued our course completion certificates personally. At that time, one thing that was hardest to understand for me was that I got two course completion certificates. Master said: "For some people even though you've also attended the class, your predestined relationship has not yet arrived, and you still don't know what cultivation is." When Master saw that I didn't understand, he said, "Think about your course completion certificates as being different from the others."

When I was studying the Fa and sharing experiences with fellow practitioners in 1993, we talked about this. A fellow practitioner said, "That was because your predestined relationship had not arrived. Master was giving a hint to you, you must attend the lectures again."

Master held a seminar in Linqing in 1993. He came to Guang County to visit the practitioners. In the meeting room of the wine factory in Guang County, I was fortunate to meet Master again. That was the first time my mom met Master. I remembered that Master had talked to us. Many of the practitioners took out their Buddha and Bodhisattva statues and asked Master to conduct consecration for them. My mom didn't bring a statue but she also wanted one. I went to the store right away and bought one. On the way back, I met Master as he was heading out. I forced myself to stop Master and asked him to conduct consecration. The staff accompanying Master at that time stopped me and said, "Master has very urgent things he needs to take care of, he must leave right away." Master stopped anyway, and He conducted consecration in a very somber manner for the statue I bought. He then hurriedly started off. It was on that same day that my mother's heart problem, which had bothered her for many years, disappeared.

Later I heard from my mom, "When Master was eliminating the illnesses for practitioners during the class, he told everyone to think about their illnesses." My mom thought about it as Master said. When she felt that Master's hand had grasped it, she felt something in her heart was taken away; the illness was gone.

She told my father, whose heart problem was even worse: "Let's go and attend Master's lectures and get your illness cured." My father gladly agreed after witnessing my mother's miraculous recovery. The old couple attended a few sessions of Master's class and truly experienced the feeling of the body being light without illness. My father suffered from many illnesses in the past. He had to stop for a rest after walking every one hundred meters, and take pills for his heart disease. But on the first day he attended Master's class, he no longer needed to take a single pill. My brother personally witnessed the miraculous changes in my parents. He immediately attended Master's classes held in Zhengzhou City. He also personally witnessed the miracle and started cultivation.

I was fortunate to attend Master's second session of lectures held in Jinan City again in 1994. I then really started cultivation. Master purified and adjusted my body, and cured my rhinitis and stomach problems.

It's been eighteen years since I first met with Master. I changed from a weak person with a lot of illnesses, who felt tired after walking a few steps, to an energetic and healthy person; from being narrow minded and fomenting family discord to harmoniously living with my mother in-law. It was the principles of Dafa: Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance that had accompanied me, and helped me through all kinds of difficulties and tribulations.

Worldly people, please don't believe the lies of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. Come and try the cultivation of Dafa! Only after you walk into cultivation can you know its beauty and power. I have obtained beautiful things; I also want to introduce it to every kind person.