(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Ye Wenxin, around 40 years old, is from Chengjiang Township, Mei County in Guangdong Province. He does housing renovations for people in the countryside. Years ago, he was well-known as a good-for-nothing layabout in the area who even dared to beat his parents. He was such a bully that no one dared to challenge him. Once he began practicing Falun Gong in 1997, he began to conduct himself according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and became a much kinder and gentler person. Nevertheless he was repeatedly subjected to persecution.

More details about his plight follow.

Mr. Ye's father died in 1996. He didn't attend the funeral and stayed away for almost a month. At that time he had a kidney problem, but no money for treatment, so his mother sold rice to raise money for his treatment.

After Mr. Ye started practicing Falun Gong in 1997, he became stronger and was able to go to work to support the family. People said he had changed from being a bad person into a kind person.


The communist regime started the persecution of Falun Gong publicly on July 20, 1999.

Mr. Ye and a group of practitioners from Meizhou City practiced the exercises together at the city culture park early in the morning on New Year's Day 2000 and were persecuted for the first time. Mei County Police Department deputy head Ye Qui and domestic security team Luo Zhangxiong handcuffed Mr. Ye. They took him to the Chengjiang Police Department. They hit his feet with a hammer. He was held at the Fuda Detention Center for a month.

Once released, Mr. Ye and other practitioners went to Beijing to appeal in March 2000. When they practiced the exercises at Tiananmen Square, they were arrested and held in the basement of the Guangdong Province liaison office in Beijing.

After a few days, two policemen and three other staff of the General Administration Office from Mei County took away all the money the practitioners had on them, more than 4,000 yuan. The next night the practitioners were taken back to Mei County and held at the Fuda Detention Center.

Mei County Domestic Security Team officials eventually took Mr. Ye to the Fuda Police Station and made him carry a propane gas-bottle three-feet high from the first floor to the second floor several times. Officer Li Jianlu hung Mr. Ye onto the metal gate of the second floor office and pushed his feet, making him swing back and forth. This hanging torture lasted more than an hour. Mr. Ye's feet swelled severely. He was unable to move. Then the officers handcuffed him and made him drink strong alcohol.

The next day they took Mr. Ye to a villa in Huaijaing New Village in Chengjiang Township, where people are routinely tortured. The police shackled his feet and hung him upside down from a metal gate. Later on they put him on the ground, stomped on his face, and brushed his face and mouth with a broom. Then he was sent to Fuda Detention Center.

First time in a labor camp

After his release Mr. Ye learned that at the time he went to Beijing to appeal, land was valued at 43,000 yuan per acre. He had had a 0.3-acre parcel of land, but the regime took it over, and the police took all the money.

Because of the continuing persecution, Mr. Ye knew his hard work would in no way support his family. He went to a government office to apply for compensation for his land. He was told that to get reimbursed he needed to report daily to the village head and guarantee not to have an "accident" for one year.

Police later on used the excuse that he didn't report to the village head and arrested him. He was first sent to a detention center and then put into a labor camp for two years.

Arriving at Sanshui Forced Labor Camp, Mr. Ye was detained in the Third Team. After about one month he was transferred to the Second Team, for "transformation." More than 100 practitioners worked daily as slaves in the camp factory, from 6 a.m. To 10 p.m. The workload quotas were so high that the practitioners had to take work back to the dorm to complete.

His family arrived to take him home when his term was up. The police forced a family member to sign a guarantee statement. Once in Mei County, Mr. Ye was forced to go to the Chengjiang Police Station to write another guarantee statement. He was not compensated for the land the officials took.

Second time in a labor camp

When home again, Mr. Ye helped at his younger sister's barbershop. A woman practitioner worked there as assistant. One day in November or December of 2002 officials barged into the barbershop and arrested the practitioners. Participating in the capture were agents from the Mei County 610 Office and the Domestic Security Team and officers Li Jianlu and Yang from Chengjiang Police Station.

Mr. Ye's younger sister tried to stop them from taking her brother away. Officer Yang hit his sister and tied her hands. His sister cried helplessly. This drew many people's attention.

Mr. Ye was taken to a detention center and then transferred to the Fuda Detention Center. His younger sister and the woman practitioner were also held there.

Shortly after he was taken to the Fuda Detention Center, he was given one year of forced labor and admitted to Sanshui Labor Camp for the second time, until the second half of 2003.

Once released, Mr. Ye went to the township government to ask for compensation for his land. Convinced by the practitioner's reasonable demand, Liu Wenlie from the township office informed him to pick up the money at the government office. Unfortunately, the original 12,900 yuan in compensation had shrunk to 7,900 yuan.

Third labor camp incarceration

Around 10:30 p.m. one day in May 2008, many people intruded into his home, all in plainclothes. Two young guys handcuffed Mr. Ye, who was only in his underwear. Ye Qiu urged the officers to take him away. They dragged him onto a vehicle. His mother, his sister, and his sisters-in-law arrived and tried to stop them.

Mr. Ye was taken to and held in the Fuda Detention Center. While there, he was brutally beaten, handcuffed, and forced to do slave labor.

One month later he was sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor. Mei County Domestic Security team leader Luo Zhangxiong took him to the Sanshui Detention Center.

Mr. Ye's third term of forced labor was up on September 18, 2009. Village officials arrived and took him home. We have heard that Mr. Ye gets regular harassing phone calls from the police since he has been home. His calls to family and for business are being bugged.

Contact information:
Mei County Police Department deputy head Ye Qiu: 86-753-2223919 (H), 86-753-2581005 (O), 86-13823813048 (C)
Domestic Security Team head Luo Zhanxiong: 86-753-2523681 (H), 86-13923032638 (C)
Domestic Security Team deputy head Li Jianlu: 86-753-2229379 (H), 86-13509091369 (C)
Township Office: Liu Wenlie
Head of Village Security: Zhang Wenxing