(Clearwisdom.net) On June 8, 2006, I went to the school where I used to work and retired from to get some paperwork done. At the entrance, I chatted with the gatekeepers and realized that they were my former students. I talked to them about Falun Gong and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecution and handed them some informational materials. To my surprise, one of the gatekeepers called the school security, and I was escorted to the security section.

While there, many people congregated around me: local police, the head of the street committee, collaborators, and school security people. They threatened to sentence me, using as evidence the materials including the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Collaborator Gong Lianghan ordered me to complete a form, but I refused. They then threatened to send me to a brainwashing center in Chenjiaji. I ignored them, but the appearance of collaborator Feng Yanping intimidated me. I lost hold of my righteous thoughts. She used to be a coordinator and a person with whom I had frequent contact. She was persecuted and turned against Dafa. At noon, with the district Party head's assurance and considering my advanced age, they let me go.

Although I returned home safely, harassment continued. CCP brainwashing center head Yin Linhai and collaborators Gong Lianghan and Feng Yanping took turns coming to my home and telling me to give up Dafa. At that time, occupied with all kinds of human thoughts, I thought that, since Feng Yanping was familiar with the practitioners in our region, I worried that more practitioners would be implicated and persecuted like me. I was afraid and unable to handle the situation. I finally cooperated with them.

I fell terrible later, whenever I thought about what I had done. I apologized to Master and Dafa for my mistakes. I looked inward and discovered many attachments: showing off, jealousy, and the competitive mentality. I pointed out others' problems first before looking inward and was quite emotional. Since then, I have realized that no matter what happened, it was not accidental and was part of my cultivation. I became determined to cultivate and to get rid of those attachments.

One evening in mid-June 2008, two other practitioners and I went out to a residential area to distribute Dafa materials. A person attacked me from behind just as I placed a Dafa brochure on a windowsill on the first floor of an apartment building. He grabbed me with one hand and called someone on his cell phone with his other. The two security personnel held me by the arms and made me walk down the street. I shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" all along the way. In the meantime I said to Master in my mind, "Dear Master, no matter what happens, I will do well as a Dafa practitioner." I was calm and unafraid.

They took me into a room at a local police station, where an officer was watching TV. I started talking to him about Dafa and the persecution. He suddenly stood up and said, "How dare you come here and talk about that." I asked to go to the bathroom, and I placed Dafa materials, including the Nine Commentaries, on the outer windowsill. I thought, "Finally, I am able to bring these materials to the police station. This is a good opportunity for police officials to be rescued."

Returning to the office, the policeman told me to put this incident down in writing, but I refused. Another police officer shouted curses at me, pulled my hair, and beat me. I asked Master for help, "Dear Master, please help them; they came for Dafa." I also sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements behind them. Six police officials and three security guards were at the scene. I treated everyone in the room with compassion. Another policeman eventually let me sit down, and they started reading materials from my bag. There was an article regarding people who survived the Wenchuan earthquake because they had quit the CCP, and we talked some about that.

Another policeman asked, "What is your name? Where do you live?" I did not respond and just smiled at him. He continued, "You should take a chance and tell us, since you have done such daring things already." I said, "I am not afraid of telling you that, but I can't. If I did, you would commit more crimes against Dafa. Falun Gong practitioners are good people, and they do not commit any crimes. What will you or your family do when Falun Gong is redressed in the future? If you knew the truth, you would not do this, even you were beaten to death." They kept silent. I continued, "You are still young. The CCP has conducted many political movements. With each movement came persecution, and those involved in the persecution always receive retribution. Some of them were executed by the CCP afterwards. Falun Gong does not seek any gain, but is, instead, offering people salvation. I am doing you a favor by not giving you information that you can use to further persecute Falun Gong practitioners."

Just then, I saw two sheets of papers on the table, which were lists of people who wanted to quit the CCP. They had discovered them by searching my bag. I was a little anxious, but soon calmed myself. I asked, "Dear Master, those are dozens of people's lives, and I can't let them fall into the evildoers' hands." I walked to the table and took the papers back. I looked at my watch on the table and thought, "Dear Master, I should go home at 10:00 p.m." Sure enough, at 10:00 p.m they let me go. I knew that Master had arranged this. In addition, other practitioners aware of this incident had been sending righteous thoughts.

Looking inwards after I got home, I realized that my discomfort with criticism and a lack of cultivation regarding my words and deeds at home had led me to this hardship. I felt that Master had given me another chance to remedy my previous mistakes. I was grateful for Master's great compassion, care, and protection. I had an opportunity to correct my thinking and return to Dafa. I deeply realized the power of Dafa's great compassion and was grateful for other practitioners' involvement in sending righteous thoughts. I would like to thank them here.

Recalling those two incidents, I was again reminded that one thought determines whether one is divine or human. I should study the Fa more diligently and cultivate so that each of my words and deeds are based on the Fa. I can do well in the Fa-rectification process and offer more people salvation. In conclusion, let us review together Master's new article "Greeting" (May 17, 2009)

"Walk the last steps of your path well and with determination, study the Fa well, and, with a foundation laid by your having cultivated well, your righteous thoughts will naturally grow stronger and you will surely do well with what Dafa disciples are supposed to do. The evil is finished and the environment has changed, so it is even more imperative that you not let up in cultivation. Go forth and forge your mighty virtue and glory by carrying out the sacred mission of saving sentient beings!"