(Clearwisdom.net) On December 23, Ms. Quan Shumin, a retired employee of the City Credit Union in Qianxi County, Hebei Province, was walking with her husband near their home after dinner, when suddenly some police rushed from a police car parked at the roadside. The police searched Quan Shumin's pockets as soon as they reached her and the couple were brutally arrested. The Chengguan Police of Qianxi County, took the couple to the police station, then came back to Quan Shumin's home and confiscated her computer and two printers. Quan Shumin was subsequently detained for ten days and her husband was released. According to police, they were secretly following Quan Shumin and her husband for a long period of time.

After Quan Shumin began to practice Falun Gong in 1996, she benefited physically and mentally. After the CCP started to persecute Dafa in 1999, Quan Shumin wrote a letter to the Party committee Secretary at Qianxi County and told him the truth about Falun Dafa and the unreasonable persecution of Falun Gong by the CCP, hoping that he would make a right choice after he saw the difference between good and evil. According to someone who knew him, the Party committee Secretary said after he read the letter that he had never been addressed as sincerely as this before. However after being brainwashed by the CCP for a long time, he gave the letter to a related department that persecuted Dafa. Quan Shumin was arrested in the middle of December, 1999 and detained at the Detention Center for half a month.

At that time, Falun Gong practitioners that were detained with her at Qianxi Detention Center included Chen Hongli, Ma Lihua, Zhang Ruiyin, Cai Xiumin, Guan Meirong, Sun Liyang and Li Rongdong.

At the end of 2000, the CCP officials made a decision that around New Years they planned to bring whoever they thought were the key persons of Falun Dafa practitioners to a brainwashing center at a police station in the northern part of county. From December 18, the vice director of Qianxi County Police Department Run Kaiyi and Political Security Division head (now National Security Team) Zhu Zhengang led some police to illegally arrest many Dafa disciples from their homes. Quan Shumin was also taken to the brainwashing center. In the evening, Quan Shumin and over ten fellow practitioners including Chen Hongli, Guan Meirong, Li Shudong, Ma Lihua, Sun Liyang were held in a small, cold room without a bed for a whole night. Two days later, the family members of Quan Shumin found the responsible officials at the Police Department and protested about her unreasonable and illegal detention. In the end, after the family members wrote a guarantee statement on behalf of Quan Shumin, she was released.

Chengguan Police Station at Qianxi County:
Shi Wenyi, Director: 86-315-5666586(Office), 86-315-5689768(Home), 86-13832984235(Cell)
Liu Yongjiu, Instructor: 86-315-5089797(Office), 86-315-5612609(Home), 86-13832983665(Cell)
Zhang Wendong, vice Director: 86-315-5666526(Office), 86-315-5625308(Home), 86-13832988373(Cell)

Detention Center:
Bai Jichun, Director: 86-315-5664510(Office), 86-315-5669010(Home), 86-13832988293(Cell)
Long Lihua, Vice Director of the committee Office at Qianxi County, (former head of the 610 Office who still participates in the persecution of Falun Gong ): 86-315-5612080(Office), 86-315-5613685(Home), 86-13803315367(Cell)

Gao Zengcai, Head of the 610 Office: 86-315-5610805(Office), 86-315-5627332(Home), 86-13933410163(Cell)