Mr. Kuang Xinrong's Defense Process Blocked

January 08, 2010

Name: Kuang Xinrong (况欣荣)
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Address: Degan Town, Jiangjin District, Chongqing
Occupation: Self-employed
Date of Most Recent Arrest: September 2, 2009
Most Recent Place of Detention: Jiangjin District Detention Center (江津看守所)
City: Chongqing
Persecution Suffered: Detention, illegal sentencing, imprisonment forced labor, brainwashing,, beatings, solitary confinement, torture
Key Persecutors: Wan Fenghua, deputy secretary of Jiangjin District Political and Judiciary Committee: 86-23-47555980 (Office), 86-13883114366 (Cell), 86-23-47522966 (Home), Huang Yan (female), director of Jiangjin District 610 Office: 86-23-47555890(Office), Qiu Chunfei, head of Monitoring Division of Jiangjin District 610 Office: 86-138-83963589 (Cell), Li Houping, chief judge of criminal court of Jiangjin District Court: 86-13500333965 (Cell), Zhang Benqing, case judge: 86-23-47566525 (Home), 86-23-47586871 (Office), 86-13452024261 (Cell)
Defense Attorney: Liang Xiaojun

( (By a correspondent from Chongqing) Practitioner Mr. Kuang Xinrong is facing charges from the Jiangjin District Court, Chongqing, but the court and the Jiangjin District Political and Judiciary Committee blocked his attorney from the defense process.

Ms. Huang Daifang, wife of Mr. Kuang Xinrong, hired an attorney from Beijing, Mr. Liang Xiaojun. After requesting an indictment from the case judge Zhang Benqing in the Jiangjin District Court on the morning of December 7, 2009, Zhang denied their request and cited that they did not have Mr. Kuang's authorization.

At 10:30 a.m., Mr. Liang and Ms. Huang arrived at the Jiangjin Detention Center to see Mr. Kuang and submitted their visitor's passes. The guards indicated they should wait, but a moment later told Liang that the Jiangjin District Political and Judiciary Committee had called and instructed them not to allow the attorney to meet Mr. Kuang because Mr. Kuang was charged with practicing Falun Dafa. Liang was instructed to communicate with the Political and Judiciary Committee directly.

At 11:30 a.m., Mr. Liang and Ms. Huang met Wan Fenghua, the deputy secretary of the Jiangjin District Political and Judiciary Committee. Wan said that Liang was not a local attorney and should report to the local judicial bureau by the local regulation. He then forced them out of his office.

At 2:30 p.m., Mr. Liang met Zhang, a staff member in the Jiangjin Judicial Bureau. Zhang consulted his bureau leadership and told Liang that the Political and Judiciary Committee had informed them that the bureau was not in charge of attorney affairs so they could not assist him with anything. Zhang suggested Liang communicate with the institution that handled the case.

At 3:30 p.m., Mr. Liang met Zhang, the case judge, in the Jiangjin Court. Zhang signed and issued the subpoena for the 9:00 a.m. court on December 16, 2009.

At 4:00 p.m., Li Houping, chief judge of the Jiangjin District Court, called Mr. Liang and asked him to appear in court. Upon Liang's arrival at the court, the clerks asked him to present the subpoena and indictment. The clerks kept the documents, but returned Liang's defense letter and warrant. They insisted that Liang could not defend Mr. Kuang but gave no reason.

On the same day, Wan Fenghua threatened Ms. Huang Daifang, "Either fire the attorney or I will have you imprisoned."

Mr. Kuang Xinrong and his wife, Ms. Huang Daifang, were arrested on September 2, 2009, by officer He Yuchen, from the Nanchen Police Station, Jiangjin District. Ms. Huang was released because she was in critical condition, suffering from an abdominal tumor.

In 1999, Mr. Kuang was imprisoned in a forced labor camp for two years for appealing for the right to practice Falun Dafa in Beijing. While he was imprisoned in the Xishanping Forced Labor Camp in Chongqing, Mr. Kuang was repeatedly beaten, sentenced to solitary confinement, and tortured.

Immediately after completing his sentence, agents from the local 610 Office and officers from the local police station took him to the Jiangjin Brainwashing Center. After he was imprisoned at the brainwashing center for more than a year, Mr. Kuang was again imprisoned for another eighteen months at the Xishanping Forced Labor Camp. He was finally released in January 2005.

On October 10, 2005, Mr. Kuang was detained at a brainwashing center for forty days, and on November 1, 2006, he was arrested and imprisoned at the Xishanping Forced Labor Camp for the third time.

Testimony written on December 17, 2009.


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