(Clearwisdom.net) I have been a practitioner of Falun Dafa since 1999. In the course of validating the Fa, I have utilized the supernatural abilities that Teacher talked about in Zhuan Falun, including the Celestial Eye, the hand-grabbing method and dissolving gong. The Fa-rectification formula has been especially powerful.

Prior to cultivating in Dafa, I had already seen the beings in other dimensions. With my Celestial Eye I have seen heavenly immortals, celestial soldiers and generals, dragons, and other such phenomena. Once, as I was returning home from traveling, the sky abruptly became covered by thick, dark clouds moving in my direction. Drizzle and light hail soon followed. To the other passengers in the vehicle it was simply clouds and precipitation, but I could clearly "see" a green dragon on its mission flying out from the mountains. When I returned home to the city, the dragon was on its way back and the sky gradually cleared. I've had many such experiences. Since the beginning of my Dafa cultivation, I have clearly felt the Falun that Teacher gave to me, and I have developed a basic understanding of supernatural powers. I'd like to now share with you some of my experiences of using supernatural abilities in the course of my cultivation.

1. Eliminating the Evil with the Invincible Might of Dafa

In 2001, while meditating, I saw a group of evil followers seizing and attempting to destroy the body I cultivated. At the time the evil was abnormally strong. Although they failed in their efforts, my righteous thoughts weren't strong enough and I was not able to eliminate the evil. When this manifested in our human world, I was sent to a "labor reeducation center" (forced labor camp) during the persecution.

The authorities in the labor camp used brute force tactics to arrange for evil personnel to "transform" me. At that time, although I couldn't regularly study the Fa and practice the exercises, I kept a good attitude and stood steadfast in my belief in Dafa without the slightest doubt. Every day I memorized and recited Teacher's scriptures such as Hong Yin and kept a clear and pure state of mind. Then one day, in a vivid dream there came a great fat "Buddha," who claimed he wanted to take me to attend the meeting of the heavenly immortals. I felt happy, but right before I was about to accept his offer I noticed a trace of a sly smile on the face of this "Buddha." I immediately became alert and asked him, "Who are you?" The false Buddha knew that I had seen through to his true nature and immediately changed into a great demon. The surroundings immediately became shrouded in darkness as wind and dust kicked up. I appeared insignificant in the face of the vile storm as the fierce wind and the evil tide threw me three times into the air. At the time, I remembered that I was a Dafa practitioner and that I could eliminate the evil with Teacher's Fa-rectification verse. So I held up my right hand upright and recited, "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the evil is completely eliminated." Immediately the gusty wind stopped. The sky cleared, the clouds disappeared, and the sun shone beautifully. The evil had completely vanished! It was the most serious incident of interference from evil that I've ever encountered in my cultivation. After the evil beings in the other dimension were eliminated, the personnel in the forced labor camp didn't dare touch me. After speaking to one of the people in charge of the persecution, he even offered to help me send my letter of appeal. I said to this person (a military unit instructor), "I have not broken any laws and I refuse to participate in any acts of labor in your 'reeducation through labor' center." He looked at me speechless and walked away. After that the other guards all became polite when they approached me. Those perpetrators no longer came to seek me out. Even the warden treated me differently, telling me that Falun Gong is good and offering to allow me to stay in their quarters. I also got a chance to converse with another practitioner, a university student who had signed statements of "reform" under the evil's coercion. After our experience sharing, he at last understood and asked the guards to return his signed documents, and pledged to continue cultivation in Dafa. Even though the staff knew of our experience sharing, they could do nothing about it.

Another time when I was meditating, insects and mosquitoes came swarming from all directions, filling the sky in an attempt to engulf me. I immediately recited the Fa-rectification formula, "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the evil is completely eliminated." Before I even raised my hand, all the parasites perished, covering the ground everywhere up to a foot thick. Perhaps it was because the evil factors were eliminated that I was never physically beaten, shocked with electric batons, nor was I even yelled at in the labor camp.

From my personal experience, Dafa has infinite power. Teacher has given Dafa practitioners supernatural abilities. No matter what circumstances, as long as we are steadfast in Dafa, apply our abilities with righteous thoughts, and eliminate the evil in other dimensions, we can for sure pass our hardships and stay on our paths.

2. Eliminating the Demon of Lust

When I was in the forced labor camp the other interference I encountered was that of the demon of lust. One night in meditation, a nude young woman appeared and tried to seduce me. I immediately recalled that this was interference from the demon of lust that Teacher mentioned. Another thought flashed in my mind, which was the grabbing method that Teacher told us about. I grabbed that being and she melted immediately, revealing its original form - a tabloid paper no larger than the size of my palm. I realized that I could not leave the original form of the demon as is, and so I lit the small piece of paper on fire and burned it to ashes to completely eliminate it. The demon of lust can cause great interference among practitioners. Even a small pornographic tabloid could transform into demonic interference. Practitioners must treat this issue with the utmost seriousness. Repel them with righteous thoughts and never become negligent. Once distracted by the interference of lust, one will attract even greater adversity in one's personal cultivation.

3. Eliminating the Evil's Obstruction to Aid Fellow Practitioners

Our regional Dafa coordinators were practitioners who were husband and wife. After the persecution began in 1999, they gradually retreated to seclusion and seldom came out. To elude the evil's persecution, they relocated to a new home. I had not seen them for two years, and I always wanted to contact them. Then suddenly one day, I bumped into another practitioner. She told me that the couple moved to another small district and opened up a shop, but they were reluctant to see other practitioners. They read Zhuan Falun from time to time, but none of Teacher's new scriptures. They refused to meet with other practitioners for experience sharing. Several practitioners tried talking to them without success. I told her that I would try visiting them. During the course of Fa-rectification we can't let fellow practitioners fall away from cultivation.

The next day as I prepared to head out, there was suddenly a gust of "black qi" coming towards me. I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it. After I eliminated the evil barrier in the other dimension, I knew that my trip would be successful.

When I came by their shop, they only looked at me with a smile as if to say, "Here comes other persuader." I didn't mind. I simply waited until they were free, spoke my greetings, and reminisced with them about the past and gradually moved to the topic of cultivation. They told me they were facing strange times and read only Zhuan Falun. I told them that Zhuan Falun is the Fa, but the new scriptures are also Teacher's Fa. The new scriptures are for guiding our practitioners during the time of Fa-rectification and for correcting the many issues that practitioners have encountered. If practitioners don't read the new scriptures, how can they keep up with the pace and standards of Fa-rectification? They slowly began to understand, and I left them with two books containing Teacher's new scriptures.

The next time I visited them, they asked me to bring them all of Teacher's new scriptures. I introduced them to the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net) and showed them how to set up a family-based truth clarification materials production site. At the same time I also showed them how to access the websites. Soon after, I helped them purchase a computer and printer. They also learned how to navigate the web and produce truth-clarification materials.

Don't let any difficulty or a seemingly "strange events" get the better of you. Utilize your supernatural abilities to completely eliminate the evil beings in other dimensions and the validation of Dafa will surely succeed.

4. Using Divine Thoughts to Break Away from Human Ideas

While validating the Fa and doing well the three things, we should apply our abilities to eliminate the evil in other dimensions, and thus everything will turn out well. For instance, one night when I was passing out truth-clarification materials, I felt that the place I was in was unusually dreadful. Should I go or not go? Or should I wait until daytime and "check the place out" to familiarize myself with the location and see if there are any potential traps set by those evil persons? Or perhaps I should dress up to blend in with the locals in the town? Suddenly I realized that these thoughts are all human methods and ideas, not befitting of righteous thoughts, the divine thoughts, of Dafa practitioners. How far must one cultivate to be able to give up human ideas and replace them with the divine? Teacher has given Dafa practitioners the most complete set of supernatural abilities. Why couldn't I think of using them?

As of that moment a thought flashed in my mind. I am a Dafa practitioner, and I am here to save people. I am doing the most righteous of all things. I should be receiving the support and protection of all the righteous gods of the universe. After finishing that one thought, I could immediately see the countless divine soldiers, generals, and righteous gods appearing out of the heavens. The dread and gloomy atmosphere in the small town immediately dispersed. Everything became clear. I knew that everything was fine now. As I distributed the truth-clarification materials, there were very few people on the streets. Even those that I did see seemed as if they were in a different dimension. Most of them simply walked past me without noticing me.

As I experienced more and more of these situations, I felt that I was continually discarding my human notions, shedding the skin of human thinking. I felt that I was walking the path of the divine. Among practitioners, there were also those who used righteous thoughts to keep persons with evil intent at bay for several hours by supernaturally blocking their vision of practitioners' activities.

Concluding Thoughts

My deep personal understanding is that Dafa practitioners, under all circumstances, must be steadfast in their belief in Teacher and the Fa. This is a sure way of replacing our human thoughts with the thoughts of the divine. This is the way to cast off the human skin and walk the path of the divine. It's the path that all Dafa practitioners must ultimately take in the end.

What I've discussed is my understanding from my personal perspective. I ask Teacher and my fellow practitioners to point out any shortcomings.