Our cultivation is getting more mature as the Fa-rectification process progresses. Each particle in our one body plays an important role. How well each one of us cultivates and how pure our dimension is directly affects our one body. Studying the Fa well and doing the exercises diligently are the foundations for all.

Righteous Thoughts

My fellow practitioners encouraged me to join NTDTV because they are shorthanded. I realized that the team needed to cooperate well, and I feared that it would not. After working there for a while, I observed the situation with my human notions, and found faults with things not being on time or that some people were stubborn. I declared to our group that I wanted to quit because I lacked the skills necessary to do better.

Everyone on our team encouraged me to stay. After reading the Fa for a while, I could see the role of the media in Fa-rectification. When the evil uses the media to slander Falun Dafa, we should clarify the truth through the media to the whole world. I decided to stay to fulfill my duty as a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple.

I did not know how to use a camera. I had never touched a video camera and didn't know how to use a computer, so I started from ground zero by learning from other practitioners. One day, a practitioner asked me, "There is a news event. Someone discovered that the towels imported from China were used to transport a poisonous substance. Could you please do the interview?" I suddenly was in a panic. I knew I had not used a video camera or done any filming independently before, but this project needed me. I rode my bike, borrowed the camera, and shot the film. I returned, covered in sweat. I checked to make sure thee images and sound had recorded, and saw it was not bad. I knew Master had helped me because I had righteous thoughts.

At the beginning, when fellow practitioners were late to film one of our news events, I would get angry and throw a temper tantrum, but then regret it. I found this attachment was one of my biggest cultivation obstacles, and it also interfered with our cooperating well. I would sometimes think of quitting so I didn't have to put up with them or be angry. But at that moment, there was always a voice in my mind, saying, "Who would be happy if you quit? The demon would." I suddenly awakened. I decided to cultivate away this attachment, as I knew this was demon nature. As a cultivator, one must get rid of it.

The first step was to hold my temper. The process was very painful, as if my internal organs were going to explode. The good thing was I finally started to endure. With Master giving me hints, in the process of persisting in Fa-study, I upgraded rather fast. I enlightened that my anger is demon nature, which exposed my selfishness. I needed to share with fellow practitioners calmly so that we could make progress as a whole. Each time we meet and do news reporting, it is a super opportunity to share and upgrade our one body so that we can cooperate better and better.

Now we have a strong sense of a one body cooperation and have formed an indestructible team. We should remind each other before heading to a news event to provide news to NTDTV reliably. I learned film and editing from practitioners who taught me patiently. I still have much more to learn.


As a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, I feel we shoulder huge responsibilities. Our words and actions can determine whether sentient being will be saved or ruined. We are not professional media workers yet, and we all have families, jobs, children, friends, and social activities. Making right choices is very important to prevent the evil from exploiting our gaps.

Filming news is time consuming. It often takes one whole day from filming the event to completing the last details. Returning home I am hungry and tired, and my family usually gives me more xinxing tests. I must keep a good mindset to talk to them. I tell them about what I do. They listen carefully and are amazed that we are able to talk to our President and Ministers.

Sometimes our coordinator needs to discuss our news with everyone. I also need to balance my time with friends and and family, who are also important. Tomorrow we still have Shen Yun meetings... The truth is, I feel the hardship of doing media work. I have found that my selfishness is very cunning. If I don't catch it early, it develops a trail of thoughts, and I become more and more selfish. I know cultivation is very serious. When I recall my thoughts at the end of the day, I find so many terrible human attachments. We have to start gradually, bit by bit, to turn human thoughts into divine thoughts.

I used to think I do not have a strong attachment to reputation and did not care how others looked at me. I found I still have this attachment after working for NTDTV. Most cameramen are male, and northern European men are tall. On most occasions I was the only short woman. I had to establish a more respectable presence among these tall men. I strengthened Fa-study, enlightened to who I am, what my mission is, what is reputation, and whether it is important how ordinary people see me. I want to cultivate away this attachment, and I want to clarify the truth to other media employees.

During the 2009 elections for the EU president, who was from Sweden, there were many events to cover. During the 27th Power Conference of Foreign Ministers, I was still the only short female camera person. Other media employees would laugh at me: "Behold, this is a genuine cameraperson." I maintained my xinxing and smiled at them. I sent forth righteous thoughts and said, "You are right, NTDTV will be the best media in the world." They were all instantly silent.

Now that NTDTV has entered the media field in Sweden, most government officials know us and even identify us as "NTDTV" when they see us. I know most of the media in Sweden as well. Many of them have learned the truth. We have learned how to contact media little by little.

At this special historical moment, let us fulfill Master's wish together.

Thank you all!