(Clearwisdom.net) A few weeks ago, the French court used an unexpected "excuse" to dismiss New Tang Dynasty Television's (NTDTV's) case against Eutelsat. It surprised and disappointed many people.

For everything, there is a reason. Teacher said, "As I've said, everything that happens today in the ordinary society is the result of Dafa disciples' thoughts." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.") So this case can't be said to be unrelated to the entire group or the majority of Dafa disciples. The main body of Dafa disciples is in China, the severe persecution of Dafa is in China, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is in China, the most difficult group of people to be saved is in China, and the interruption of TV signals affects China, too. However, from the beginning of the Eutelsat blockade incident to now, how many Dafa disciples in China have paid attention to it? When the court was about to make a decision on the case, some practitioners suggested on Clearwisdom that practitioners in China send forth the righteous thoughts for this case. But how many practitioners indeed sent forth the righteous thoughts? And how many times? How many practitioners do not know about this case at all?

I often read online NTDTV's reports on the Eutelsat case. When I read that practitioners outside of China traveled from one place to another to work on this case and that they never stopped clarifying the truth and sending forth the righteous thoughts in front of the Eutelsat company for several hundred days, I admired them from the bottom of my heart. Sometimes I was moved to tears. Both they and the practitioners in China are doing cultivation. Though the persecution is happening in China, the effort that many practitioners in China have put forth to stop the persecution and to save sentient beings is far less than what is done by the practitioners outside of China. We really feel ashamed and sorry for missed opportunities to save sentient beings, not to mention unworthy of Teacher's painstaking salvation and the title of "Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples."

I think another reason--actually the most important reason--that the evils behind the Eutelsat case could not be completely disintegrated is that the minds of many Dafa disciples in China are blocking NTDTV.

Take for example our local area. Before the Eutelsat incident, Teacher mentioned promoting NTDTV programs in a Fa lecture. So some practitioners actively researched, shared experiences, and tried promoting NTDTV's satellite signal's reception and recording. They did it quite vigorously and successfully. However, after the Eutelsat incident, everything quieted down. Most practitioners do not watch the NTDTV website, nor do they know what good programs NTDTV has to help save sentient beings.

Currently, the social conflicts are becoming increasingly worse in China. Major incidents are continue to occur, and people's lives are getting harder and harder. Almost everyone hates and condemns the CCP, but most of them do that within the boundaries of the party culture. So it is common that when we meet these kinds of people and think that it would be easy for them to accept the truth of Dafa and quit the CCP, they get scared when we start to explain the facts, and they avoid or even turn us away when we talk about quitting the CCP. Many NTDTV's programs focus on current events by providing a thorough analysis of the cause of the event and by exposing the evil of the CCP, thereby helping people to realize that the CCP is the origin of the evil. The CCP's persecution of Falun Gong and other religions, petitioners, human rights attorneys, human rights activists, and minority ethnic groups, as well as its taking over land by force, stealing money from the stock market, hiking up real estate prices, suppressing people who try to defend their rights, and so on, all reflect its true nature. Only by quitting the CCP and disintegrating the CCP can people have a wonderful future. A person who watches NTDTV often will have a clear understanding of the CCP and the truth about Dafa. Not only will he quit the CCP, but he will also help spread the truth, persuade other people to quit the CCP, and understand, sympathize with, and support Dafa disciples.

Actually, Teacher has told us what effect NTDTV has had on saving sentient beings and has even said that the more programs there are and the better the programs are, the better. Most of the people working for NTDTV are Dafa disciples. Their programs focus on mainland China. The main purpose is to save people in China and the Chinese who go abroad, because these people are deeply poisoned by the CCP and thus hard to save. They, in turn, affect many other people. I believe that the NTDTV staff is working very hard. How can we not cherish this existing media to save sentient beings?

As for the Internet, the CCP has exercised tighter and tighter control over the Internet in 2009. Actually, that is also directly related to us. We all know that the more people who use the anti-blockade software, the harder it is for the CCP to block the Internet, and the more people who know the truth and have the anti-blockade software, the more people will use the software. But, there are still some practitioners who have the capability but do not use the anti-blockade software due to fear, and are just waiting for other practitioners to do it for them. There are also some practitioners who don't dare stay online for a long duration or to download large files. They don't take advantage of and cherish the opportunity for cultivating and saving sentient beings after breaking the Internet blockade. Moreover, when they are blocked from accessing websites, they don't look within themselves or send righteous thoughts to clear the evil's interference. Instead, they fear that something bad might happen and just wait for other practitioners to do it for them. They don't know that there are many non-practitioners who openly use the anti-blockade software to download and watch NTDTV's programs every day. When will we rid ourselves of the attachment to accepting the Internet blockade?

Everything in the human world comes for the Fa, including the Internet. It is for saving today's sentient beings and our cultivation. How can we allow the CCP to implement the blockade and be in control? It's because the evil has taken advantage of the gap in our xinxing.

Original Article: December 20, 2009