(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Wu Jiezhou was taken to the Genhe City Police Department and his home was ransacked at 8:30 a.m. on November 29, 2009. Participating in the arrest and ransacking were more than a dozen police officers. They included Genhe City Police Department deputy chief Ma Chunming, Law and Order Division political head Huang Liang, the Political and Judiciary Committee head Han Yuqing, and the Hongqi Police Station chief Lu Hongbo and others. They broke in, issued a search warrant on the spot and ransacked his home. The police even called for a locksmith to unlock all the cabinets. They confiscated several items, including a photo with Master's image, Falun Gong books and discs. Two officers pushed Mr. Zhou down onto a bed. Besides walking away with the aforementioned items, they also, confiscated his flash drive, the key to the apartment, a printer and other valuables. They did not allow his family members to enter the building. They took Mr. Wu to a local detention center at 10:00 p.m. that same night, and forbade family visitation.

Mr. Wu Jiezhou, 74, retired, lives in Genhe City, Hulunbeier, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. He was a senior teacher at the Genh No. 2 Middle School. He had surgery twice. After he began Falun Gong practice, his multiple ailments, including intestinal adhesions, pleural adhesions, and lumber bone spur, were cured. He became energetic and full of spirit.

Eight officers and political head Mei Yuejun from the Hongqi Street Police Station arrested Ms. Liu Yuping and ransacked her home at the same time. They confiscated a photo with Master's image, Falun Gong books, paper, and other items. They even took her non-practitioner daughter-in-law's computer, and haven't returned it yet. They took Ms. Liu to the station and then transported her to a local detention center. Her family was forbidden to visit her. Ms. Liu Yuping, 61, had suffered from multiple ailments, but became healthy after the Falun Gong practice. She is a well- known good person in her neighborhood.

At the same time, Liu Xudong led eight officers from the Zhongyang Street Police Station to take Mr. Wu Caiming away from work. They then proceeded to his home, issued a search warrant on the spot, and confiscated three copies of "Recalling Master's Grace," a handwritten copy of Hong Yin, a computer and a cell phone (the latter two were returned one week later). Mr. Wu was held in custody for 28 hours.

The police broke into Mr. Wu's home again on December 21, 2009. They took his wife into custody and rummaged through his home.

Hulunbeier City Political and Judiciary Committee head Zhao Xicheng, orchestrated this round-up and home ransacking in 13 counties.

Zhao Xicheng: 86-470-8216343(Office)
City Police Department: Head Ao Kuangsheng, 86-470-5232001 (Office), 86-470-5232047 (Home) 86-13304706667 (Cell)
Li Fu, deputy chief (major responsible person in the persecuting Falun Gong): 86-470-5232003(Office), 86-13347003486(Cell)