(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioners detained at the Daqing Prison have endured escalated persecution for refusing to wear prison uniforms. Li Weilong, Deputy Director of the Daqing Prison, has tortured practitioners by starving them and delivering violent beatings. The persecution has recently gotten worse. Since July 8, 2009, he has ordered all the prison subdivisions to starve the practitioners if they refuse to wear prison uniforms. Several practitioners were severely beaten.

On July 11, Mr. Qiu Xuezhi from the Jixi Area was sent to a hospital due to starvation. On July 12, Mr. Yang Gongxi was violently beaten with sticks, sustaining multiple injuries. He was then dragged out for public display. On July 13, four practitioners were beaten due to their refusal to wear prison uniforms. On July 14, Mr. Zhang Xingye was severely beaten and suffered injuries to his stomach. He was then handcuffed, shackled and placed outside for extended exposure to the sun. Guards have either burned all the practitioners' clothing or spray-paint the clothes with the word "prisoner". Practitioners responded by wearing bedsheets instead of their clothing. At present, these continuous beatings and starvation have placed the practitioners in grave danger.