(Clearwisdom.net) After practitioners from our local area were persecuted, they no longer wanted to write articles exposing the illegal persecution. Some did it reluctantly, and it was so ambiguous that their attachment to fear was quite obvious and disturbing. They seemed to have the notion that exposing those involved in the persecution would lead them to seek revenge. I would like to share some ideas about this issue. Please point out any thoughts that are not in accordance with the Fa.

The More We Expose the Evil, the Less Evil Will Exist

At the beginning of this illegal persecution I too had the attachment of fear. In 2003, Master's comment about "Expose the Evil Happening Locally to the Local People" was published, and I diligently studied this Fa over and over with my fellow practitioners. In the end we all understood a principal, that Master asked us to expose the evil. If we firmly accomplish what Master asked us to do, no evil will dare to persecute us.

I understood and believed in this principal, and thereby eliminated my attachment of fear. I quickly produced a detailed truth-clarifying flyer, which summarized the depth of the local Falun Gong persecution in our village. The flyer was not only distributed in our village but also throughout the entire county. I made sure that everyone who participated in this illegal persecution saw this flyer.

After my daughter read the article, she was very worried and said, "You wrote with so much detail, and people will know that you wrote it after they read it. You just got out of prison, and I'm afraid you will be arrested again. Please don't distribute anymore of these articles, all right?" I replied to her firmly, "My child, don't worry. Master has confirmed this action. Only if we act according to Master's Fa will we be safe. Take it easy, I will be safe." As a result, when the personnel who persecuted Falun Gong and the local people read this truth-clarifying material, it had a very positive effect on our cultivation environment, and we were better able to save sentient beings.

In 2004, I went to see the head of our village government, and by explaining the facts to him, received over 5,000 yuan in salary that was held back when I was in detention. Six years have passed, and no more practitioners from our village have since been arrested.

In June of this year, the deputy head of the politics and law committee in our county came to my house to illegally arrest me. Under Master's mercy and protection, I managed to get away. On the fourth day I went back to my company to work openly with no fear. After this, I wrote an article exposing the evil in detail. When the article was read by the leaders from our county and our village, they confirmed that it was I who had written the article. Many kind people reminded me to be alert at all times so that the authorities would not try to have me arrested. I once again studied Master's comment about "Expose the Evil Happening Locally to the Local People" to strengthen my belief. I will continue to expose the evil as Master has told us to do. It is the evil that fears being exposed. It is they that fear me, not me that fears them.

After this incident, a fellow practitioner told me that the same deputy head of the politics and law committee also went to his house during the Olympic Games in 2008. He did not even try to arrest the practitioner and instead he left without saying anything--they just shook hands. My thoughts are that, after exposing the facts about this persecution locally, he was afraid of being exposed in our county.

I have a deeper understand of Master's scripture of "Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference,"

"...and right now, as long as Dafa disciples keep strong righteous thoughts, the evil beings can no longer mount any resistance."

Master also said,

"The Gods set forth something in the early period of my Fa-rectification, namely, that whatever the wicked Party does, regardless of its aim, will end up assisting me and Dafa disciples. So, whenever the wicked CCP wants to do some bad thing, it will turn into a failure and scandal as soon as it's begun."

Only with Master's mercy and protection am I able to walk well on my path of cultivation. In the last moments of Fa-rectification, I will continue to improve and do the three things well as Master has requested, thereby saving more sentient beings.

September 16, 2009