I recently read in the Minghui Weekly that a truth-clarification materials production site in China had been damaged again and that the loss was enormous. This pained me deeply. It reminded me of another loss at the beginning of 2008, when several material production sites in our Qingdao area were damaged at the same time and more than ten practitioners were arrested. It caused a lot of panic and stress among the local practitioners. The loss of materials, including the financial resources, was huge. It also caused a direct loss to the saving of sentient beings in our local areas.

With the Fa-rectification reaching its current stage, the evil forces are already very weak. So why are these kinds of losses still happening so frequently? I think that everyone has to pay attention to this issue and think it over seriously. The old forces are evil. But we still need to look inward for the causes of their interference in the course of our cultivation. If each of us, including the practitioners who do not work at the materials production sites, cannot learn the lesson from these damages, it is the same as ignoring the Fa and being irresponsible to oneself.

Our cultivation is very serious and saving sentient beings is sacred. With the progress of the Fa-rectification, the requirements for us, in turn, are also becoming higher and higher. In other words, the Fa has different requirements for us at different levels. We are simply not allowed to do Dafa's sacred work so with many impure human notions anymore. The old forces have taken advantage of our human notions and created many tribulations for us with the excuse of helping us to improve. Certainly Teacher does not acknowledge the old forces' arrangements. At this stage there is one thing we have to be absolutely clear on and that is that we have to walk our path righteously, adhering to Teacher's requirements first while opposing the old forces' arrangements. This is very important. To walk our path according to Teacher's requirement is to cultivate ourselves with righteous thoughts and righteous actions and this actually is to oppose the old forces' arrangements. If we all can do this, the old forces cannot take any advantage of us.

So do the practitioners who do not participate in the material production sites need to look inward? Absolutely! We are one body, which cannot be divided. The problems of the production sites are connected to us in a certain way. If we all consider ourselves as particles of Dafa and Fa-kings of the universe, how can we be satisfied with expecting others to carry the entire burden? Teacher requires us to become selfless, altruistic and righteous enlightened beings. How far are we from Teacher's requirements? By keeping a distance from the problems facing those who produce Dafa materials, do we not push those difficulties and troubles onto others? Teacher is anxious for us. The reason Teacher is waiting and extending the time of Fa-rectification of the human world again and again is to give us time to meet the standard required of us. From this point of view, aren't we ourselves responsible for delaying the progress of the Fa-rectification?

The Minghui/Clearwisdom website published an article reporting how a practitioner over 70 years old established a home-based material production site with her husband. The site not only gave the couple the opportunity to clarify the truth and save more sentient beings, but also solved the problem of material shortages for many other practitioners in the area. The article was very moving. Another article told the story of a practitioner who was arrested by the authorities because he visited the Minghui website. After he was arrested, many other practitioners in the local area purchased computers and visited the Minghui website repeatedly. I was deeply moved by their sense of the one body and their coordination with each other. I understood that this may be the true coordination of the one body that is described in the Fa.

If each of us can truly cultivate ourselves, break through our limitations, and not rely on others to carry the burden, the practitioners that produced materials would not have worked so hard day and night, thereby falling into the trap "doing things with human notions." They were bogged down by doing too many things and could not study the Fa with a calm mind. Since they could not study the Fa well, their human notions took over and they were taken advantage by the old forces. How can we say that the damage to the material production sites has nothing to do with us? We should learn from these painful lessons and really pay attention to these issues from now on.

The Minghui website always calls for our material production sites to be set up like flowers blossoming everywhere. This is also Teacher's wish. If each of us can become one flower among the blossoming flowers, Teacher will be very happy. A great divine being is fearless and powerful. If you think the difficulties are large, they will block you like a mountain. If you do not pay attention to perceived difficulties, they are nothing, and everything we want to achieve will manifest naturally.

As long as you have firm belief in Teacher and the Fa, as long as you get rid of the attachment of selfishness and think of all the sentient beings first, Dafa will continually enlighten us and Teacher will manifest everything for us accordingly. If you do not cultivate yourself diligently, it will be hard to understand the Fa principles at the higher levels. I think that this is also an important and essential part of our cultivation. With the progress of the Fa-rectification, practitioners should not miss the opportunity and we should have no regrets in our cultivation.

The Fa-rectification is close to the end and our time is limited. Teacher said,

"Always cultivating as if you were just starting will surely result in achieving your ultimate rank." ("Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference")

So we should not wait, rely on others, or slack off. If all of us can cultivate ourselves well, with the same sense of urgency as when the persecution first started, and if everyone can act as responsibly to the Fa, the materials sites will truly be as flowers blossoming everywhere throughout China. Only under our righteous thoughts will the evil be eliminated on its own.

Fellow practitioners, let us conform our lives to the Fa and to the Fa-rectification. Let all the material production sites validate the Fa and save all sentient beings.