(Clearwisdom.net) Although I am a young, 11-year-old practitioner, I feel that I am already an old Falun Dafa practitioner. I would like to share some of my experiences with fellow practitioners.

In the past, I always thought it was important to study. When I got home each day, my mother asked me to first study the Fa and do the exercises. She urged me to put cultivation in an important place in my life, and reminded me that studying the Fa and doing the exercises are to be done on a daily basis. She told me that studying the Fa and doing the exercises well would enable me to achieve the maximum results with little effort. My mother's words enlightened me. Previously, I always thought that studying was important, but I later remembered what Master said,

"...it will be the same no matter how much more you learn. For instance, although you have studied British elementary school textbooks, American elementary school textbooks, Japanese elementary school textbooks, and Chinese elementary school textbooks, you remain an elementary school pupil. The more low-level qigong lessons you have taken and the more from them you have absorbed, the more harm you will incur--your body is already messed up." (Zhuan Falun)

After I recalled these words I began doing the five exercises completely when I got home, and then do my homework. It really made for better results.

Last Christmas, my mother asked me to take a card with Falun Dafa information to my language arts teacher and math teacher. As a result, I was taken to the principal's office, and slapped twice. After that, I no longer brought brochures that explained the truth about Falun Gong to my teachers. This year, my mother asked me again to take letters with Falun Dafa information to my teachers, but I didn't want to do it. My mother said, "Are you a young Dafa disciple? Master asked us to do the three things well and make good use of our time to save sentient beings. All the teachers in your school have a predestined relationship with you. Even if it is someone you pass as you walk, you should save him or her, not to mention your teachers." My mother also asked me to look inward, study the Fa more, and upgrade myself. Later I looked inward and found that I had very strong fear, so I decided to put the informational brochures in the offices of my teachers. The next day when I came to school, I saw the teachers in the office all reading the letter together. I felt happy for those teachers who have understood the truth of Falun Gong. I also feel the compassion and greatness of Master.

Sometimes I fight with my sister and do not abide by Master's requirements. In the future I will do the three things well following Master's words. We should not be unworthy of Master's compassion, so as to return home with Master.