(Clearwisdom.net) The term "harmonize with the Fa at the family level" has become trite in many fellow practitioners' articles. As a result of the influence from such terms, I often find similar terms, such as "harmonizing the Fa at the family level," "harmonizing the Fa at the level of ordinary society," "harmonizing the Fa at the level of interpersonal relationships," and "harmonizing the Fa at the level of marital relationships," when I converse with fellow practitioners. In my humble opinion, such terms are used casually and poorly.

I believe that "harmonizing with the Fa" is part of the Fa. As a cultivator continues to upgrade his level of cultivation, he harmonizes with the Fa at different levels. This process is incomparably sacred. It is a term that should not be used casually. Otherwise, a practitioner might run the risk of misleading himself or going astray. When a cultivator places himself within the Fa, the Fa will purge unrighteous elements continuously and expand our wisdom so that we may upgrade to higher levels of cultivation while exhibiting the magnificence of the Fa. If we focus on satisfying ordinary people's wishes within the family and marriage and on safeguarding the form of ordinary society, we have misinterpreted the intent of cultivation. Everything about ordinary people's society is based on selfishness. Focusing on satisfying this society will keep us from advancing in our cultivation.

During our cultivation, we ought to behave well and "maximally conform to the ways of the ordinary human society while cultivating." ("Dafa Is All-Encompassing" in Essentials for Further Advancement II) By doing so, we will be creating our own cultivation environment within ordinary society. We must also be thoughtful of others at all times, tolerate and forgive others, and treat others with kindness. When we assimilate ourselves into the Fa, have the Fa in our hearts, and follow the guidance of the Fa, then we are able to exhibit compassion towards others. We manifest compassion when we harmonize with and validate the Fa.

Today's human society is degenerate. Family, social, interpersonal, and marital relationships have become degenerated and deviated. Although we have no other environment to cultivate in, we shouldn't aim to perfect this environment in our cultivation practice. Otherwise, we are likely to deviate from our cultivation.

A young female fellow practitioner I know calls fulfilling her duty as a wife to satisfy her husband a way to "harmonize the Fa at the family level." I know a middle-aged female practitioner who is a small business owner. She works hard to provide for her family, takes care of all the housework and babysits her grandson. She works herself to the bone while her son plays on-line video games all day long, her daughter-in-law plays majong, and her husband travels all over for fun. Her daughter-in-law even complains that she fails to do a good job looking after her grandson. The practitioner often says that she is "harmonizing the Fa at the family level," paying off her karma and upgrading her Xinxing level. As a result, she is not very active in clarifying the truth to people to save sentient beings. I know another female practitioner who has been suffering domestic abuse from her husband for a long time, and another practitioner has a husband who is having an extramarital affair. They have failed to search inward thoroughly to repel interference, upgrade their xinxing level, and alter the external environment. Instead, they have passively endured their hardships in the name of "harmonizing the Fa at the family level."

There is no such thing as "perfecting and completing the human level, and it is not right to talk about "harmonizing the Fa at the family level" so casually. That is my opinion at my current level of understanding.