(Clearwisdom.net) For a long time I have been fighting with the attachment of sentimentality (qing). The fact that I am a young practitioner makes it more challenging for me to pass the tests of sentimentality. Jealousy and lust are constantly manifesting themselves and I have had a hard time fighting them off.

One day I was very jealous of somebody. Realizing this, I walked into a different room and when I saw a Dafa book, I pressed my hands on it and thought, "Why can't I get rid of my sentimentality?" Then this came to my mind, "Sentimentality is the worst and the dirtiest attachment." All of a sudden, I was enlightened. Human beings are immersed in sentimentality and people even hold attachments related to sentimentality in high regard. And yet, to practitioners, they are dirty. Sentimentality must have a terrible form in other dimensions. I had a file in my computer with an electronic calendar. I don't use the calendar much but I kept it and recorded how I felt when a fellow practitioner was going through tribulations. Every time I looked at it, it reminded of me of the time when I was affected by sentimentality. Recently I ran a new anti-virus software and found a virus in that file, even though the antivirus software in my computer had never found a virus before. I don't know how long the virus had hidden in there monitoring my computer. I knew it was because I was attached to the fellow practitioner and was taken advantage of by the evil. If my thoughts were pure and the file carried a clean field, how could the evil get in? So I deleted it. The memories of that difficult period of time no longer linger in my mind.

Everything in the human world is illusions. And yet, human beings are lost in it and are enjoying themselves. We practitioners tend to pay attention to getting rid of attachments to fame and self-interest, but neglect to get rid of our sentimentality. I believe that it is important to not let our sentimentality get into our space. That is truly a way to keep ourselves clean.