(Clearwisdom.net) Recently I had some omissions in my cultivation and was taken advantage of by the evil. I was under a lot of pressure. This prompted me to make up my mind to eliminate the attachments I had clung to for a long time. While studying the Fa for lengthy periods, I also increased the strength of sending forth righteous thoughts. I have fully experienced that sending forth righteous thoughts for a long period can strengthen the effect of eliminating the evil.

During this time I sent righteous thoughts for half an hour, and sometimes up to two hours. After I send forth righteous thoughts, I can feel that my whole body is relaxed. My breathing is very smooth, too. My whole body is immersed in an energy field. Once, after I finished sending forth righteous thoughts, a practitioner sitting near me said, "It looked like you were very relaxed a moment ago. I can easily see it." That practitioner also tried to send forth righteous thoughts for a long period, and he too felt that the effect was very good.

My understanding is that to send forth righteous thoughts for a long period is not only a method, but it also agrees with principles of the Fa. Putting more emphasis on it helps us to pay better attention while sending forth righteous thoughts and makes us more determined. Certainly, the effect will be different compared with not paying attention. Teacher sees your firm heart and gets rid of more bad things for you. When the body and mind are all relaxed and are full of energy, our own dimensions will be pure and clean. The bad things cannot stay in our dimensions any more, and it will be easier to get rid of them too.

When we send forth righteous thoughts for a long period, we may not be able to keep the double lotus position all the way until the end. What we can do is to keep the double lotus position as long as possible in the beginning, and when we cannot hold it any longer, change to the half lotus while continuing to send righteous thoughts. My understanding is that when Teacher taught us the essentials of sending forth righteous thoughts, he taught us the standard posture, but he also did not put it in a very strict way, so that we can still send righteous thoughts in various situations. The key to strengthen righteous thoughts is to calm the mind and purify the heart.

This method is not only effective to eliminate the evil in our own dimensions, but also to eliminate the evil in other dimensions. I hope that my experience can serve as a reference for other practitioners.

September 8, 2009