(Clearwisdom.net) July 20, 2009 marked the 10th tragic anniversary of the persecution of Falun Gong in China. Practitioners in Greece held a series of events from July 18 to 20 to expose the 10-year persecution.

On July 18th, the practitioners went to Thissio, a historic section of Athens. They displayed posters to expose the brutal persecution and the lies fabricated by the Chinese Communist regime. Local residents read the posters with interest and asked many questions about the persecution.

On July 19th, the practitioners were invited to Korinthos, which is about one hour away from Athens. After learning about the ongoing brutal persecution, the local residents who attended the event condemned the persecution and said that they now knew the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party. The event organizer invited the practitioners to come back in the near future.

On July 20, the practitioners held a peaceful protest in front of the Chinese Embassy in Athens. On-duty police officers were very friendly and gladly accepted practitioners' truth-clarifying leaflets. It was extremely hot, and the police officers bought bottled water for the practitioners. After the protest concluded, they offered to drive the practitioners to a nearby bus station.