(Clearwisdom.net) In 2004, I used to be in the printing and copying business, so it was easy for me to make truth-clarification materials. I worked during the day and made materials in the evening.

At that time, I was afraid of being persecuted and worried about losing my job. I didn't participate in group Fa study and stopped communicating with fellow practitioners. As a result, I didn't understand many issues that came up in cultivation. The fear of being persecuted pushed me into giving up cultivation and becoming an everyday person. As I made more materials, I began to study the Fa and do the exercises less. I also began to send forth righteous thoughts less. I only focused on making materials instead of cultivating myself.

I stayed on the wrong track until I was persecuted. Only then did I ask myself what went wrong. I realized that I had brought the persecution onto myself because I failed to let go of the old forces' arrangements. I didn't look inward or use the Fa to deal with problems. Instead, I was using everyday people's reasoning.

I recall a discussion among fellow practitioners where one asked another, "How did you do it? Let us learn from you." The answer was a short one: "Listen to Master." I was shocked to hear these words. Do we listen to Master unconditionally or do we constantly question the directions he gives us? Do we have complete faith in Master and the Fa? Fellow practitioners, let us focus on moving forward because the beings in our world are waiting for us to.