(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Gong in 1997. I would like to share some of my miraculous experiences in cultivation.

In 1997, my husband brought home the book Zhuan Falun from his business trip and placed it on the bed. I was then very sick and weak, so I only flipped through several pages and fell asleep. By the time I woke up, I became very clear-headed, no longer felt the heaviness, and all of my joint pain had disappeared. I immediately realized that this book was extraordinary. I hurriedly picked up the book, and at the moment I reached for the book, I noticed that all of the pigmented spots in my hands and forearm (commonly known as age spots) had disappeared (I was only forty-two years old). I have since never let go of this book. I benefited from Dafa and experienced the wonders of Dafa, therefore I introduced this magnificent Fa to my family and friends.

I was responsible for making business contacts in my work, and I always brought a big bag of truth-clarifying materials to distribute. One time on my way home, I got lost, which was strange, because I used to be very familiar with the roads. When I was looking for the way out, I suddenly remembered that I still had truth clarification materials in my bag. Teacher was helping me save sentient beings in this new location. I joined my palms in front of my chest and said, "Teacher, I thank you for all those sentient beings!" At another time, I went to pick up a friend at an airport, and I planned to distribute materials in the airport. Before I arrived there however, my stomach started aching. I tried to look for the reason but could not find it. When I finally arrived the airport, I needed to use the toilet. Right after I left the bathroom, I needed to use the toilet again. Therefore I could not find an opportunity to distribute materials. I was frustrated that I rarely came here but could not save sentient beings. When I was waiting for my condition to get better, I raised my head and saw cameras in different locations. Ah! Teacher was protecting me. I was very grateful for Teacher's help. Later I distributed the materials at locations near the airport.

May 13 is the World Falun Dafa Day. We started pairing up and hanging up truth-clarifying banners two days before. It was not easy to hang up a two-meter long banner, especially at night, but when I thought to ask for help from Teacher, a miracle happened. I remember one night we went to a remote location to hang up banners and validate Dafa. The tree was big and tall. I wanted to hang the banner on one of the branches, so as I prepared the banner I said in my heart, "Teacher, please help me so that I can hang up this banner on my first attempt." I then threw it up toward the branch. As a result, it was completely unfolded and nicely done.

I once worked on making truth materials for too long. I wanted to finish printing five hundred copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party in one night. Soon after, my back started hurting and it got worse. I thought, how nice it would be if I could lay down for a while or stretch my legs! I knew that it was just a wish, as I could not afford to waste any time in that harsh environment. In addition, it was almost dawn. If I could not finish and get them out on time, my landlord and neighbors would find out. I insisted on not stopping despite my discomfort. In my heart, I recited over and over, "Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!" At that moment, many small Falun appeared in the truth materials. They were the size of soy beans and shined like gold. Teacher was encouraging me. I said, "Thank you, Teacher. You know everything as you are right next to me." I lowered my head so that fellow practitioners would not see my tears. Very soon, my back pain stopped. I knew that Teacher was eliminating the karma for me.

There are many miracles in my cultivation. Dafa is truly miraculous and can fundamentally change a person.

August 4, 2009