(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Zhu Fangming, 53, is employed by the China Railway No. 4 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. People who know him say that he is an honest and kind person. He has been horribly persecuted, however, simply because he persists in his belief in Falun Gong. Mr. Zhu was detained in a forced labor camp for two and a half years. After he was released in 2003, he went to Fuyang City, Anhui Province and found a job there. In 2004, he was arrested again and sentenced to a thirteen year prison term.

Officials from Fuyang City's 610 Office, conspiring with officials from Hefei City's 610 Office, went to arrest Mr. Zhu. They defamed him and said Mr. Zhu had an extramarital affair with someone. They threatened his family members and put much pressure on them. His wife later divorced him, so his son had to fend for himself. His elderly father couldn't withstand such a blow and died of cancer in 2008. From the time his father became ill until the moment he died, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials never allowed this elderly man to visit his dear son.

Before Mr. Zhu was imprisoned, he had been arrested and detained in a forced labor camp. In 2001, CCP Secretary Zhou Zhanzong, Ren Baohua from the Discipline Commission, Han Yu from the police sub-department, and Zhang Tianshun of China Railway, ransacked the homes of many practitioners who were employed at Mr. Zhu's company. They also forcibly sent them to the brainwashing center. Because Mr. Zhu refused to give up his belief, they put him under house arrest. Six months later, Zhou Zhanzong slapped the table heavily as he shouted at him fiercely. Zhou made a decision on his own to sentence Mr. Zhu to two and a half years of forced labor, then sent him to Hefei Baihu Forced Labor Camp, where he was detained until early 2003.

During the persecution, Mr. Zhu showed symptoms of a stroke. He couldn't walk or speak. The officials there didn't want to be held responsible, so they sent him to his parents' home. They carried him into the house and left in a hurry. Mr. Zhu immediately started studying the Fa and practicing cultivation. Thanks to his firm belief in Falun Dafa, he recovered magically within a month.

China Railway terminated his salary and gave him only 200-300 yuan monthly for living expenses, which was barely enough for Mr. Zhu Fangming to survive. In 2003, with the help of a friend, he found a job in Fuyang City, Anhui Province. In 2004, after a large local production site for making truth clarification materials was destroyed, he was arrested a second time and sentenced to another prison term.