(Clearwisdom.net) Forty-eight-year-old Steve, a railroad engineer in Boston, had used drugs since he was fifteen. He experienced the nightmare of drug addiction and tried countless times to quit. Everything failed. His youngest son unfortunately got addicted to drugs too. Steve's wife Roberta, who works in a rehabilitation center and knew how hard it is to quit, eventually decided to drive Steve and her son out. However, Steve and his son miraculously quit using drugs and regained a happy family.

Steve and his family

Thinking back how he got addicted, Steve said it was first exciting. But soon, his life became painful, lonely and dark. He eventually couldn't find any happiness in drugs or alcohol. He really used them to escape everything. Though having tried many times, he failed to quit. He tried rehabilitation centers. He tried locking himself in the basement for a couple of days. But nothing worked. He has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on drugs and put his family life in crisis.

Roberta used to spend all her energy balancing her family on top of her busy job. She did her best to make her family life normal and tried to hide Steve's addiction from their children. As an employee of a rehabilitation hospital, her experience told her it was no easy task for them to quit. But she never gave up. "For years, I have prayed and begged him to quit drugs and alcohol. But he only quit for a week. I have prayed for God to give him something to fill the void."

Her prayer was answered. One day, Steve told his wife he had read a report about a spiritual practice being persecuted in China. He talked with his wife with great interest. Roberta happened to have seen a newspaper article about a free Falun Gong workshop at the library. She clipped it out and gave it to Steve.

Steve started practicing Falun Gong. He quit using drugs miraculously! He said, "Falun Gong's principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance are able to unlock something deep in your heart. It is so powerful!"

Soon, Steve's son started practicing Falun Gong too. He not only quit using drugs, but also had a great change. Steve said, "He quit swearing, smoking, cheating and all his bad habits."

Roberta knows as a nurse and a councilor in the rehabilitation hospital. She works in the emergency room in her hospital. When she saw the young boys sent there for drug use, she would give them a Falun Gong pamphlet. She said, "Even though I am not a practitioner, I know it is a beautiful practice!"

Steve experienced a great change after he started practicing Falun Gong. He said he didn't have any idea about Forbearance before, but cultivating in Falun Dafa made him understand it. If people follow Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance in their lives, it will empower them. He said he used to have a strong ego. When he took his son to baseball or hockey games, he would push his son and get mad at him for not doing well in games. It wasn't until he cultivated himself in Falun Dafa that he realized how detrimental this was to his son. He sincerely apologized to his son. Things are much better now.

Roberta thought that before his cultivation, Steve tried to be a good person but always ended up being disappointing. She couldn't trust him around the house or at work. He didn't want to be around the kids. He was like the living dead. But now he has changed. He is honest, dependable and has a strong sense of responsibility. Roberta hopes their daughter will be able to find a great husband like her father.

Friends also feel the change in Steve. Many of them come to their house and talk about Falun Gong. They know how Steve was before. They are interested in knowing how Falun Gong has changed him.

Steve would like to tell the Chinese people one thing: Don't believe the lies of the CCP. Take a look for yourself. Everything is open aboveboard. You will find out who is telling the truth.