(Clearwisdom.net) Since the persecution of Falun Gong began 10 years ago, the Shanghai police have frequently threatened Ms. Li Yaohua's family in the Luwan District of Shanghai, both physically and verbally. On the night of June 4, 2009, Li Yaohua and her daughter, Zhang Yibo, were reportedly arrested by police from the Tianlin precinct and Xuhui Public Security Sub-bureau. Mr. Zhang Qin, Ms. Lu Yuzhi, Ms. Ye Ying, and others were also arrested.

Mr. Li Shanzhen, 91, followed the legal procedure and applied for the release of his daughter, Li Yaohua, on bail, citing that she has severe scoliosis. Her doctor said that she could not sit or stand for long and that she could not lift anything heavier than 10 pounds. Another consequence of this disease is becoming disabled from the waist down and loss of control of bodily functions.

Li Shanzhen always hoped that his daughter could take care of him in his final days, but the persecution of his daughter would thwart this plan and leave him alone and helpless. The Shanghai Xuhui Public Security Bureau didn't respond to the old man's application when the legal time was up and did not try to verify with an exam if the old man's claims about his daughter's condition were correct.

In the beginning of 2001, Ms. Li did go to Beijing once. After returning to Shanghai, agents with the 610 Office regularly harassed and questioned her, which disrupted the entire family. From then on, 24-hour monitoring by two men became a fact of life at their front door. Also, the family was required to state where they were going when they left their home, and they were followed wherever they went. This caused a lot of mental stress for Yaohua's family. It totally interfered with their normal lives. Even her neighbors were upset by the police officers' intervention, complaining, "This isn't a jail here! You guys being here every day really upsets our day to day lives!"

On so-called sensitive days, police officers either called Yaohua or barged into her home, bothering jer family. The agents also instigated residents in the small neighborhood to do the monitoring. While Beijing was hosting the Olympic Games last year, Yaohua was monitored again--she had to report where she went on a daily basis even if she was just going grocery shopping. The harassment lasted for almost two months.

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