(Clearwisdom.net) I am a new practitioner who has practiced Dafa for nearly two years. One of my relatives helped me obtain the Fa.

I had practiced a phony gigong before. As a result, my body was possessed by an evil spirit which made my life a living hell. I visited a temple and asked a monk to save me. He looked at me and saw my face was gray and my eyes were unable to open. He immediately told me, "You have to go. I cannot save you." With no other way, I returned home and waited for death. I even wrote down my last words.

When I had no way out, my in-laws took me into their home, in spite of how I had given them the cold shoulder before. They let me listen to Master's lecture. Fellow practitioners in the village came to surround me to send forth righteous thoughts. They taught me to do the exercises and read Zhuan Falun. Master saved me from hell. One month later, the spirit that possessed me for over 20 years was gone and all my diseases were eliminated. I gained a new life. I feel so grateful for Master who saved my life. I just want to do well the three things in the process of validating Dafa. I will tell my story to whomever I meet and I will also help the neighbors to quit the CCP and its associated organizations.

In January 2009, my father who was 82 years old went to the hospital in Dalian City because of stomach cancer and lung cancer. My father and my step mother had been very cruel to my brother and sisters (the daughters in the family were forced to marry much older men when they were still very young; the youngest sister was sent to another family; and my younger brother never had any father's love). I wanted to resolve the hatred with the compassion I had cultivated in Dafa. I was kind to them despite my earlier feelings, so I went to the hospital to take care of my father.

I pressed close to my father's ear and taught him to read slowly, word by word, "Falun Dafa is good." "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." At that moment, the miracle occurred. My father spoke clearly with healthy color on his face and no more pained expression. It shocked all the people in the ward. So I taught all the patients in the ward to recite these words and told them my own experiences. I had 12 different diseases before, including stroke, low blood pressure and others. When the diseases broke out, I was unable to sit or lay down, and lived in hell. Now all my problems were gone. I also told them how the CCP told lies and "the heaven's destruction of the CCP." I helped the patients and their relatives to quit the CCP and its associated organizations.

When I talked to an old man who was almost the same age as my father. He shook his head to stop me. He had four sons who were all CCP's officials. The oldest son pointed to me, "Do you know who I am? If I make a call to my younger brother, he will arrest you. You can have 10 years in prison." He refused to listen to me no matter what I said. At that time, I felt my heart beating fast. I told myself not to be afraid. Fear was the demon and I must overcome it. In the evening, his younger brother came to take care of his father in turn. He approached my father's bed and tried to start a conversation with me. My hands were shaking. At night, I kept sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil interference. I kept reciting Master's poems such as "What's There to Fear," "Master-Disciple Grace," "Mighty Virtue" and so on.

The next day, that police family knew we were going to leave the hospital. In the early morning, there were plainclothes police in the hospital. I looked outside and found a police car parked just beside the car we had rented. I went to the rest room, a casual plainclothes followed me closely. I was worried and didn't know what to do. I quietly told the person coming with my step mother, "If any unexpected things happen, do not be afraid. Do not tell my father anything." I asked Master to help. "No matter what's going on, I want to get my father home to spend the New Year. Evil should not touch me." Then I had another thought, "There is a new patient coming to the ward this morning. I should tell him the magic words too." I was ready to risk everything. Ignoring that police family still in the room and the police were around, I approached the new patient and told him to remember the words "Falun Dafa is good," "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good," and that they would bring good luck to him. People in the room were all silent with no sound heard. I sent out a righteous thought, "Master help me. Keep the evil people unmovable." I carried my father and left the room. When we got in the car, the police arrived at their car. They started to follow our car. I recited loudly,

"Dafa does not leave the body,
The heart harbors Zhen-Shan-Ren;
In the world is a great Arhat,
Spirits and ghosts fear greatly."
("Mighty Virtue" from Hong Yin)

A few minutes later, I looked back, the police car was nowhere to be seen. I knew Master had helped me.

Arriving at home, my stepmother tried to give me a large amount of money, but I refused. I told her I just did what I should do. I helped the family to quit the CCP and its associated organizations. My step mother was moved and told me she could help a few more people to quit the CCP. It seemed my stepmother was saved too. Our resentment in this life has been eliminated forever. She had been against my practice of Dafa. Now my kindness has awakened her conscience. It is Master who helped her change.

Master, please feel relieved. I will do better in my cultivation path.