(Clearwisdom.net) Shen Yun Performing Arts' final show in Changhua, Taiwan concluded perfectly on March 25, 2009. The audience was immersed in the warmth and beauty of the performance. Many people who watched the Shen Yun premiere recommended the show to others. However, the tickets were sold out before noon. Some waited outside of the theater for spare tickets.

The audience rewarded the Shen Yun show with a standing ovation and four curtain calls on March 25.

Shen Yun created a sensation with thirty-nine shows in Taiwan. Ninety-two thousand people watched the shows.

Warm applause

Tsai Ying-wen, Chairperson of the Democratic Progressive Party, sent a flower basket to the Shen Yun show. The artists of Shen Yun answered four curtain calls to deafening applause. Many people heard their friends recommend Shen Yun. They bowed continuously to the artists to express their gratitude and joy.

Flower basket from Tsai Ying-wen, Chairperson of Democratic Progressive Party

Ms. Yan Shu-mei got a flyer about Shen Yun in Ali Mountain three years ago. She has kept the flyer and wished to watch the Shen Yun show with her husband when he came back from abroad. Ms. Yan went to the post office on the morning of March 25 and happened to hear that it was the last Shen Yun show that day. She was overjoyed. Her husband had come from abroad so she was determined to watch the show. She took her husband and a friend to the theater and fulfilled her wish. She told the reporter, "It is gorgeous! The program has an inner meaning of faith. I am very inspired!"

Ms. Yan looked forward to the Shen Yun show for three years and finally watched the last Shen Yun show in Taiwan in 2009.

Wood carving artist Huang Sha-jung and his wife praised the grand show, the graceful dances and the creative program. Mr. Huang said, "I have never watched such a great show in my memory."

Wood carving artist Huang Sha-jung and his wife

Mr. Huang's favorite program was "The Poet's Vision." He said he felt like he had become Li Bai, the poet, and entered the fairy world. Mrs. Huang said the dance movements were a beautiful language. "The dance language was great! The overall coordination was great! The message was clear. It was very touching to tell the story with body language." Mr. Huang added that he wished Shen Yun Performing Arts would come to Changhua every year.

Council member of the Photographic Society of Taiwan Mr. Hu Yu-chuan sang high praise for the director of the Shen Yun show. "The overall arrangement of the program and the transitions were great! The audience was touched spiritually and inspired us to do good things and appreciate beauty. Shen Yun deserves its name as a truly world-class show!"

Council Member of Photographic Society of Taiwan, Mr. Hu Yu-chuan

Mr. Hu said the show was filled with characteristics of divinity. "The main aspect of the show is divinity. Gods created humankind...People need faith as a core. The Shen Yun show is great indeed. It is so broad! It makes me want to cultivate my heart! The background is gorgeous! I don't know who the choreographer is. He is great!"