(Clearwisdom.net) Divine Performing Arts (DPA) International Company was invited to stage 11 shows in Daegu and Seoul in South Korea from January 30 to February 8, 2009. A number of Mayors and many celebrities sent their warm greetings, wishing DPA great success in their South Korea tour.

Top row from left are: Yeongju Mayor Kim Joo Rong-Rong, Gyeongsangbuk-Do; Cheng-Lin Li, President of General Federation of Korean Arts and Culture Organizations; Korean traditional costume expert designer Shu-Nu Pak; film star Gangsin Seongil; second row from left to right: Kim Ji Hee, Honorary Professor at the Catholic University in Daegu and Director of the Natural Dye Arts Museum; Dr. Son, President of International Photography League and Director of a natural museum; well-known human rights lawyer Kim Nam-Jun; Mayor Hyung-Koo Lee of UIWANG; third row from left to right: Professor Chen of Inje University and Director of National General Federation for the Promotion of the Learning of Chinese Characters; well-known movie actress Yu Zhiren; Professor Li Yuanfu of the Department of Industrial Fine Arts of Decheng Women's University

Yeongju Mayor: Looks forward to the brilliance of eastern culture

Yeongju Mayor Kim Joo Rong-Rong, Gyeongsangbuk-Do said in his congratulatory message: "We sincerely congratulate Divine Performing Arts on their tour of South Korea and we look forward to the arrival of Divine Performing Arts -- the world-class performing arts organization -- to Daegu to show us the beautiful and brilliant eastern culture. We wish the Divine Performing Arts World Tour a complete success."

Mayor of Uiwang: Divine Performing Arts is top-class performance

Mayor Hyung-Koo Lee of Uiwang said in his greeting message, "Divine Performing Arts is the top-class, world-class performance group."

Mayor Hyung-Koo Lee said, "Divine Performing Arts World Tour brings back memories and presents China's five thousand years of traditional culture through the performing arts. Audiences are intoxicated with the beautiful and lively Chinese traditional culture. True to their name, Divine Performing Arts make true world-class performances a reality."

Director of Natural Museum: That's the color in my dreams

When Dr. Son, Museum Director, PhD in computing engineering, President of International Photography League, heard the news that Divine Performing Arts was to tour South Korea, he became very excited and talked about the feelings he had while watching the show last year. He said, "I often dream, but I always forget the colors that appeared in my dreams after I wake up, so I thought there were no colors in my dreams. However, while I was watching Divine Performing Arts, I felt like I was immersed in a marvellous dream. I could not help but shout, Yes, these are the colors in my dreams!"

Dr. Son said when he was watching the show last year he felt he was drawn into a dream, "The dancers' gestures seemed to be moving within heavenly clouds, bringing me into a wonderland. DPA has left me a dreamlike, miraculous moment. What a blessed two hours!"

President of General Federation of Korean Arts and Culture Organization: Divine Performing Arts brings us warmth amidst the cold spell in economy

Cheng-Lin Li, President of the General Federation of Korean Arts and Culture Organization said in her greeting message, "I hope that Divine Performing Arts' dances, imbued with Chinese traditional culture, will bring warmth to the people around the world who are suffering the economic cold spell." She also said that the arts can bring humanity together and she felt very honoured to be able to enjoy Chinese music and dances that depict five thousand years of Chinese history.

Artist: The memories of Divine Performing Arts will last for a long time

Kim Ji Hee, Director of the Natural Dye Arts Museum and Honorary Professor at the Catholic University in Daegu also sent her greeting message to Divine Performing Arts. In her letter she said, "Fine music, good arts and performances can purify people's souls and enable them to find their kind nature. As one of the artists who cherish traditional culture, I pray that the show by Divine Performing Arts will guide people to restore the true divine traditional culture of humanity."

She warmly welcomes the arrival of Divine Performing Arts to Daegu and "Wishes the moving memories brought to the people in Daegu by Divine Performing Arts will remain for a long time to come, and becomes a precious experience."

Former movie star Kang Shin-Yeong: Divine Performing Arts has once again touched the hearts of people in Daegu

Kang Shin-Yeong, Director of the Daegu International Musical Festival and the most famous movie star of the 60s and 70s in South Korea said in his congratulatory message, "We sincerely welcome the Divine Performing Arts to South Korea. I believe Divine Performing Arts, which has won sensational praise around the world, will once again touch the hearts of the people in Daegu. I sincerely wish Divine Performing Arts complete success on this world tour and wish all Chinese families around the world good health and happiness."

Best Actress Award winner: Five thousand years of Chinese history must be very spectacular

Yu Zhiren, Best Actress Award winner and representative from the movie and TV sector in the Republic of Korea sent a congratulations letter to Divine Performing Arts upon hearing their arrival.

In the letter she said, "Divine Performing Arts will enable us to see China's five thousand years of history; it must be very spectacular. China's lost traditional culture has been restored by Divine Performing Arts in NY and is much admired in North America and Europe. Now the people in South Korea are also able to enjoy this highest standard performance by Divine Performing Arts. It is really a wonderful thing to happen."

Yu Zhiren wished all the audience members a most wonderful time while enjoying the essence of the Chinese traditional culture.

Korean traditional costume expert designer: Cannot wait to watch Divine Performing Arts again

Well-known Korean traditional costume designer Shu-Nu Park often organizes exhibitions on traditional costumes. She said, "I watched Divine Performing Arts last year, and I was moved beyond words. I will watch the show again this year, and I hope I can transfer the inspiration I gain from watching Divine Performing Arts on stage into Korean costume designs."

Shu-Nu Park kept praising the performers and said she wished to be able to see such performances more often, "I was very impressed with the costumes, the movements, the hand gestures of the dancers. I cannot wait to see Divine Performing Arts again. I'm sure I will learn more this year."

Fine Arts Professor: Divine Performing Arts interprets the essence of Chinese civilization

Author of the best-selling book "Distant Neighbouring States" and writer in classic works, Professor Li Yuanfu of the Department of Fine Arts, Duksung Women's University, also sent a congratulatory message.

In the message he said, "Divine Performing Arts is a world performing arts troupe, and has revived the Chinese traditional culture and arts that had been destroyed in the "Cultural Revolution" or distorted by the Chinese Communist Party. DPA has enabled the whole world to enjoy the essence of true Chinese civilization."

He said, "Divine Performing Arts will give us the opportunity to share the traditional Chinese arts and promote the traditional Chinese culture to the whole world. I trust that it will strike a responsive chord in the world."

Professor from Inje University: The top performing arts troupe of the 21st century

Professor Chen of Inje University and Director of the National General Federation for the Promotion of the Learning of Chinese Characters also sent his congratulatory message and expressed his warm welcome to Divine Performing Arts on their tour of South Korea.

He said in the message, "Divine Performing Arts has combined singing with dances to the highest standards. DPA not only combines China's five thousand years of traditional arts with modern arts, but has also combined eastern and western music. Such unique creation marks Divine Performing Arts as the top performing arts troupe of the 21st century. I believe their performance will be of great success."

Human Rights lawyer: The revival of Chinese traditional culture

Well-known human rights lawyer Kim Nam-Jun has watched Divine Performing Arts for the last two years. When he learned that Divine Performing Arts would tour in South Korea again this year, he was very happy and sincerely wished Divine Performing Arts great success on the tour.

Attorney Kim said, "Divine Performing Arts' show last year and the year before last represent the revival of the divine Chinese culture. The performance not only introduced mainstream Chinese traditional culture, but also introduced diverse ethnic cultures. The stories of how people looked forward to a bright future in adverse situations were also very easy to understand and very moving."

Attorney Kim believes that culture plays a bridging role for exchange between various countries and nations. He expects that Divine Performing Arts will further enhance the mutual understanding between South Korea and China. He said, "Just like 'Korean fashion' that helped the Chinese people's comprehension of the Korean culture, Divine Performing Arts will enable us to understand the profound Chinese traditional culture."