(Clearwisdom.net) In 2008, the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Jinzhou City reached its peak.

In February and July alone, the police arrested dozens of local practitioners. Some material production sites were compromised. Several practitioners were arrested and tortured after having been detained several times before. Only a few managed to escape the persecution. Almost all other local practitioners who were known to the authorities were sentenced to forced labor. Several of them were sentenced to lengthy prison terms of six to ten years.

Since this event has affected all local practitioners, I would like to share my understanding about this issue.

When I first tried to determine the reason behind the persecution, I found a common problem: We did not study the Fa, practice the exercises or send righteous thoughts enough. However, our attachment to getting things done grew. As to any specific fellow practitioner who suffered persecution, we can find some of his/her attachments, which are the excuses for the evil to persecute our fellow practitioners.

We also find out a more important reason, which is not easy to be conceived by fellow practitioners

When we discussed our fellow practitioners who had been arrested, especially those with the reputation of being very active practitioners, we often concluded that they must have "had some problems" and that this was the reason they were persecuted. However, if even our fellow practitioners believe this, aren't we acknowledging the persecution? Whenever we allow such thoughts or say such words, they have consequences in other dimensions. The matter will then manifest as a problem in this dimension and result in persecution. Dear fellow practitioners, if you still emphasize the loopholes and critical problems of other practitioners as the main reason for their being persecuted, please correct such thoughts and disintegrate them. Even if our fellow practitioners have loopholes, we must by no means acknowledge the persecution.

We are Dafa practitioners, particles of the universe and Dafa, and no matter what our problems are, Dafa will correct them and remove all unrighteous matter and elements during our cultivation. As we are assisting Teacher in Fa rectification, nothing is allowed to interfere with us, nor does it have the right to do so. Fellow practitioners have often been quoted in articles, "The evil has no say, only my Teacher has the final word." We are assisting Teacher as He journeys in this world, saving sentient beings. Dafa practitioners are doing the most sacred things. We are awakening sentient beings poisoned by the lies of the Chinese Communist Party.

We should never aid and abet the evil. We cannot add burden to our fellow practitioners who are suffering from unjust persecution. Teacher has said,

"As I've said, everything that happens today in the ordinary society is the result of Dafa disciples' thoughts."(from Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.)

All local practitioners in Jinzhou City have to be clear about this and correct their thinking. Only by doing this can we improve and elevate as a whole body. Let us send mighty righteous thoughts to disintegrate all negative elements that persecute Dafa practitioners, take action to disclose the evil and cooperate with each other to rescue our fellow practitioners. We need to stop blaming each other and try our best to harmonize with each other and help Teacher. Only when we, as a whole body, deny this persecution will the persecution cease to exist.

Last year, several anonymous local Dafa practitioners were arrested while they were distributing fliers about Falun Gong. Few of our fellow practitioners even knew them. Nobody discussed their cases or made comments. The practitioners who did know them simply sent righteous thoughts to deny the persecution. Most of these practitioners were released very soon. In addition, if our thoughts and notions deviate from Dafa, then the persecution of our fellow practitioners is the result of our thoughts.

Additionally, I would like to discuss ways to rescue our fellow practitioners through cooperating with their families.

Relatives and fellow practitioners have often made efforts to rescue persecuted practitioners. In some of these cases, attorneys were involved but no progress has been made in solving them due to different opinions. This is not due to a lack of devotion on the part of Dafa practitioners. I feel that the main reason is insufficient coordination as a whole body. We did not cooperate well with families and failed to rescue our fellow practitioners because we did not mount a concerted effort. The families usually try to rescue their relatives because they have no other choice. If we can figure out a practical plan to rescue our fellow practitioners by creating a strong righteous field, their relatives will see hope and cooperate with us well.

Local practitioner Sun Zhonghong was recently put on trial. It was great to see that almost all practitioners in Jinzhou City did what they should have done. The session in court opened on February 6. On February 5, more than 100 fellow practitioners sent righteous thoughts in front of Linghe District Court. This greatly encouraged the practitioner's family, who also had strong righteous thoughts. The trial resulted in no conviction, as a result.

Citizens living close to the court were curious when they saw so many people gathering. A bicycle delivery man said, "Why sentence Falun Gong practitioners? They have done nothing wrong! Why not sentence corrupt officials instead? I think the corrupt officials should be killed. We are accused of violating the law simply because we make our living with our tricycles! Some people are accused of violating the law simply because they make a living by running a small business! However, corrupt officials are not accused although they do all kinds of bad things! Where is there any justice in this world?"

We don't intend to lay blame on the coordinators for all of our group's shortcomings. If we rely too much on the coordinators, the evil will keep them busy. Actually, everyone is a coordinator. Whenever we see a problem, we should take action to harmonize the whole body. Finally, when we convert our body into one without any energy channels or acupuncture points, the evil will naturally die out and our fellow practitioners will escape from the prisons using their righteous thoughts.

Teacher is looking forward to our improvement as a whole!

This is a summary of my discussions with fellow practitioners. If you find anything inappropriate, please correct it with compassion.